8 Great AnswerThePublic Alternatives for 2024

Explore Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush as alternatives to AnswerThePublic for comprehensive keyword insights. Tools like AlsoAsked and Nozzle provide unique features to elevate SEO strategies and content creation for improved online performance.
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  • May 16, 2024
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AnswerThePublic is a web-based keyword research tool that collects all the autosuggest data for your seed keyword and populates it into one screen. It helps you understand what people are searching for so you can create content that meets their search intent.

While AnswerThePublic is an excellent tool for keyword research and search engine results page (SERP) analysis, it’s not your only option. Here are some of the top alternatives to AnswerThePublic.

The 8 best alternatives to AnswerThePublic

Many keyword research tools are available for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here are our picks for the best alternative options to AnswerThePublic.

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Pricing: Subscriptions start at $99

Ahrefs is an all-in-one search engine optimization (SEO) marketing platform that includes everything from content analyses to rank tracking — which is why it’s our top pick on this list. Its Keywords Explorer tool is a strong AnswerThePublic alternative that taps into a massive database of more than seven billion keywords to generate thousands of keyword suggestions for each seed keyword.

The tool also provides Ahrefs-exclusive SEO metrics, including:

  • Clicks per search
  • Keyword difficulty score
  • Parent topics related to seed keywords

Unlike most of the other tools on this list, Ahrefs provides data for 10 different search engines and 171 countries, which you can leverage for maximum return on your investment.

2. Moz Keyword Explorer

Pricing: Limited free access. Unlimited access as part of the Moz Pro Suite, which starts at $99 per month. Free trial available.

Moz Pro is a popular solution among internet marketers due to its robust website analytics and user-friendly interface — and the Keyword Explorer is a critical part of that solution. This tool provides detailed insights into your seed keyword and any related keywords you could target. It also suggests and organizes new keyword opportunities for easy reference.

While unlimited access to the tool is not free, you can access a 30-day free trial of the entire platform to explore all the included features. A free trial also provides access to two courses that walk you through using the tool, which can help you drive the best results.

3. SECockpit

Pricing: Monthly plans start at $39. Free trials available.

Like the other tools on this list, SECockpit provides a list of keyword suggestions for both SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns based on your initial seed keyword. However, it also offers additional information, like monthly search trends, traffic estimates, keyword phrases, and organic competition data, which it pulls directly from Google’s search data.

This additional functionality makes it excellent for running highly complex keyword analysis beyond what more basic tools like AnswerThePublic and QuestionDB can offer. If you’re looking for a cost-effective tool that offers excellent international SERP analysis, SECockpit may be your best option.

4. SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool

Pricing: Starts at $129.95 per month (free trial available)

With a massive database of 20 billion keywords and the ability to understand semantic links between keyword phrases, the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool is an excellent option for businesses looking to get serious about SEO.

In addition to suggesting related keywords, the tool also provides SERP insights with useful metrics like:

  • Average cost per click (CPC)
  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Number of organic results
  • Keyword intent

You can also use the tool to identify ranking gaps between your site and your competitors — which keywords they are ranking for that you aren’t.

Like with the Moz Keyword Explorer, you can only gain full access to the Keyword Magic Tool by purchasing a subscription to the SEMRush platform. However, the extra features might be a savvy investment if you plan to launch a full-scale SEO campaign.

5. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Pricing: Free for all users

If you want some of the best keyword suggestions you can get, Google’s Keyword Planner tool is an excellent option. As part of the Google Ads suite, it pulls real-time SERP data directly from Google search histories — and it’s completely free.

The Keyword Planner allows you to research keywords for PPC and organic search. It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which is useful for teams on the go.

The biggest drawback to this tool is that it doesn’t offer any additional SEO or marketing features. While it’s suitable for suggesting related keywords and keyword variations, that’s all you’ll get. It does not offer additional analytic data on backlinks, search volume or monthly traffic.

If you’re looking for Google Keyword Planner alternatives that provide more comprehensive SEO and marketing features, consider tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and KeywordTool.io.

6. AlsoAsked

Pricing: Free for all users

AlsoAsked is a free alternative to AnswerThePublic. It pulls data from the People Also Asked (PAA) feature to provide users with additional questions relevant to their initial keyword phrase, revealing opportunities to target long-tail keywords. It has a very user-friendly interface.

In addition to exploring related search queries, AlsoAsked offers the following features:

  • Visualizations of PAA data for easy analysis
  • Content opportunity recommendations
  • On-page SEO suggestions

However, AlsoAsked only provides information about questions relevant to your topic — you won’t get any additional keyword or SERP data from this tool. It helps brainstorm content topics, but if you want reporting and analytics capabilities, you’re better off choosing a more comprehensive solution.

7. QuestionDB

Pricing: Limited free access with premium plans starting at $15 per month

QuestionDB is a direct competitor to AnswerThePublic. It identifies the topics people discuss in your niche using natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Specifically, it suggests topics related to your keyword through common questions people ask, which is excellent for brainstorming content ideas.

This tool sources data from Reddit instead of the standard Google SERPs. People tend to ask more personal, detailed questions on Reddit than they would in a search engine, and tapping into this data can help you find the most relevant topics for your audience.

It’s a useful tool for identifying content gaps on your site, especially if your business is in a niche industry. However, its keyword research capabilities are limited — it won’t provide any SERP data or keyword metrics.

8. Nozzle

Pricing: Monthly plans start at $59

Nozzle is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that includes tools for keyword research, brand monitoring, and reputation management. Its keyword clustering tool builds a topic cluster map of SERP data to help you quickly identify which keywords and related phrases are worth targeting.

In addition to keyword research tools, Nozzle offers other helpful marketing features like competitor discovery, brand monitoring, and ad performance monitoring.

Ultimately, while Nozzle is highly functional, it’s best for businesses looking to invest in their online presence. You can identify the right keywords for your campaign, analyze competitor data, and more. If you need a tool to help you choose keywords, AlsoAsked or DBQuestion are free alternatives.

Looking for alternative keyword research tools to AnswerThePeople?

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