100+ Best SEO Keywords for Ecommerce Businesses

Discover the 100+ best SEO keywords for ecommerce, plus how to research relevant ecommerce keywords for your business, so you can capture more traffic.
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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective strategies that ecommerce businesses can use to drive traffic to their websites. To implement this strategy, you must start with keyword research to identify the best SEO keywords for ecommerce sites.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce keywords list for your business, you’re in the right place. We’ll also cover these topics to help you look for the most relevant ecommerce SEO keywords for your business:

  • What are keywords in SEO?
  • The 100+ best SEO ecommerce keywords
  • How to find the right keywords for your ecommerce business

What are keywords?

A keyword is a word or phrase that describes your product page or web page. Typically, it’s the term that you want your page to rank for.

Implementing SEO best practices and optimizing your ecommerce site’s pages for their corresponding keywords can drive qualified traffic to your pages. As a result, your target audience will find the products they’re looking for and convert on your ecommerce website.

Types of keywords

There are three types of keywords:

  • Short-tail keywords: This type of keyword is a generic term about one- to three words long. They’re highly competitive keywords as they have high monthly search volumes. An example of a short-tail keyword for ecommerce company selling pet supplies is “dog food.”
  • Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are longer and specific keywords. They don’t have high search volumes as short-tail keywords, but users often use long-tail keywords when looking for a specific product. An example of a long-tail keyword is “hypoallergenic dog food prices.”

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The 100+ best SEO ecommerce keywords [List]

When performing keyword research, use tools like WebFX’s KeywordsFX to generate a list of the top keywords for ecommerce.

Enter a focus keyword, and KeywordsFX will provide the following:

  • Related keywords
  • Keywords in question format
  • Keywords with modifiers

Here are the best SEO keywords for ecommerce generated by KeywordsFX, sorted according to the following:

  • Generic ecommerce SEO keywords
  • Informational ecommerce keywords list
  • Local ecommerce SEO keywords
  • Product- or service-specific ecommerce keywords list

Generic ecommerce SEO keywords

  1. e commerce applications
  2. e commerce companies
  3. ecommerce analytics
  4. ecommerce app
  5. ecommerce books
  6. ecommerce brands
  7. ecommerce business
  8. ecommerce companies
  9. ecommerce data
  10. ecommerce definition
  11. ecommerce developer
  12. ecommerce email marketing
  13. ecommerce empire
  14. ecommerce events
  15. ecommerce examples
  16. ecommerce experience
  17. ecommerce explained
  18. ecommerce expo
  19. ecommerce expo 2024
  20. ecommerce for beginners
  21. ecommerce for dummies
  22. ecommerce fulfillment
  23. ecommerce funnel
  24. ecommerce giants
  25. ecommerce grants
  26. ecommerce growth
  27. ecommerce guide
  28. ecommerce history
  29. ecommerce hub
  30. ecommerce icon
  31. ecommerce ideas
  32. ecommerce images
  33. ecommerce industry
  34. ecommerce innovations
  35. ecommerce insurance
  36. ecommerce internship
  37. ecommerce inventory management
  38. ecommerce jobs
  39. ecommerce king
  40. ecommerce kpis
  41. ecommerce landing page
  42. ecommerce law
  43. ecommerce lending
  44. ecommerce login
  45. ecommerce logistics
  46. ecommerce logo
  47. ecommerce manager
  48. ecommerce market share
  49. ecommerce marketing
  50. ecommerce marketplace
  51. ecommerce meaning
  52. ecommerce merchandising
  53. ecommerce metrics
  54. ecommerce news
  55. ecommerce niches
  56. ecommerce online store
  57. ecommerce operations
  58. ecommerce optimization
  59. ecommerce order fulfillment
  60. ecommerce photography
  61. ecommerce platforms
  62. ecommerce products
  63. ecommerce quotes
  64. ecommerce reseller
  65. ecommerce retail
  66. ecommerce revenue
  67. ecommerce sales
  68. ecommerce seo
  69. ecommerce shopify
  70. ecommerce sites
  71. ecommerce store
  72. ecommerce technical terms
  73. ecommerce terms and definitions
  74. ecommerce tools
  75. ecommerce tracking
  76. ecommerce trends
  77. ecommerce trends 2024
  78. ecommerce warehouse
  79. ecommerce website
  80. ecommerce website builder
  81. ecommerce website examples
  82. ecommerce what is it

Informational ecommerce keywords list

  1. ecommerce 101
  2. ecommerce 101 how to start selling online
  3. ecommerce 2024 trends
  4. ecommerce business examples
  5. ecommerce business for sale
  6. ecommerce business ideas
  7. ecommerce business meaning
  8. ecommerce business models
  9. ecommerce conferences 2024
  10. ecommerce conversion rate
  11. ecommerce customer service
  12. ecommerce fraud prevention
  13. ecommerce fulfillment center
  14. ecommerce growth projections
  15. ecommerce growth rate
  16. ecommerce how to
  17. ecommerce how to make money
  18. ecommerce how to start
  19. ecommerce jobs work from home
  20. ecommerce kpi examples
  21. ecommerce kpis to track
  22. ecommerce naics code
  23. ecommerce name generator
  24. ecommerce name ideas
  25. ecommerce vs retail
  26. ecommerce website free

Local ecommerce SEO keywords

  1. ecommerce california
  2. ecommerce companies in usa
  3. ecommerce jobs chicago
  4. ecommerce jobs los angeles
  5. ecommerce jobs near me
  6. ecommerce jobs nyc
  7. ecommerce near me
  8. ecommerce texas
  9. ecommerce usa

Product- or service-specific ecommerce keywords list

  1. ecommerce agency
  2. ecommerce amazon
  3. ecommerce apple
  4. ecommerce for amazon
  5. ecommerce for digital products
  6. ecommerce for nonprofits
  7. ecommerce on amazon

How to find the right keywords for your ecommerce business

Here’s how you can find the top SEO keywords for your ecommerce business:

1. Brainstorm an initial list of potential keywords.

The first step in your keyword research for ecommerce is to list possible keywords. You can include short- and long-tail keywords related to your business and offerings.

For example, let’s say you’re in the business of selling pet products online. Your initial ecommerce keyword list may include:

  • dog food
  • cat food
  • dog supplies
  • cat supplies

You can also include keywords that pertain to your location, such as your city or state.

2. Research your competitors

Find out the keywords that your competitors are using. Doing so helps you uncover keyword opportunities that they are not using yet.

You can do this by running your competitors’ pages through competitor analysis tools like Ahrefs to see the keywords their pages are ranking for.

Competitor research in Ahrefs

Want to discover other potential competitors? Try Ahrefs alternatives or make a quick Google or Amazon search using one of your keywords. The product pages and businesses ranking for those ecommerce keywords are the ones to monitor and research.

3. Create a list of your long-tail keywords

Now that you have an initial list of keywords and researched your competition, create a list of long-tail keywords. In our online pet store example, here are some relevant long-tail keywords:

  • pet store supplies in [city]
  • dog food for seniors in [state]
  • organic cat food in [city]

4. Use a keyword research tool

Keyword research tools like KeywordsFX can expand your keywords list as user search trends change.

After all, a popular ecommerce search term today may not be a top search after a few months. For example, the keyword “dog jacket” may be popular during fall and winter. However, it will not get many searches during the summer.

Using a keyword research tool, type each of your keywords. Your original ecommerce keyword will branch out with other keyword options.

Use only the most relevant ones for your business. You want to rank for terms that will drive qualified traffic. If your tool suggests “frozen dog food,” a product you don’t offer, remove it from your list.

Make finding the best SEO keywords for ecommerce easy with the SEO.com app

Keyword research is a crucial first step in your SEO efforts to rank in relevant searches and drive qualified traffic to your ecommerce website. Make ecommerce keyword research for SEO a breeze with the SEO.com app by discovering high-value keywords, new opportunities and more by trying it free today!

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