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Perhaps you are running an SEO campaign right now or are considering starting one. The one question that keeps coming to your mind is, “When can I stop my SEO campaign?” After spending nine months or more on SEO and having achieved top rankings for many targeted terms, the idea of investing time and money elsewhere is only normal. So for those who have had this thought come to mind, and might be thinking about quitting—here’s the answer. You can quit doing SEO when your competitors quit doing SEO.

If investing in a SEO campaign over several months has brought desired results, then it has also caused the competition for those same search terms to lose rankings. Those competitors are most likely not going to stop their SEO efforts and would most likely increase their efforts after seeing their rankings drop. So stopping SEO efforts after achieving top rankings is only going to result in an eventual loss of those rankings that probably required time and money to achieve.

An SEO campaign can never really be stopped. Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, new websites are continually being created, and competitors will constantly be working at getting those same top rankings in the search results. SEO is an on-going ending effort to get a site to rank for the most relevant search terms and maintain those rankings.

If top rankings have been achieved, then the following activities should be considered for an ongoing SEO campaign…

  • Find other related terms to target by adding new pages to the website or optimizing existing pages that might not be optimized yet.
  • Improve site conversion through conversion optimization.
  • Continually build up link popularity by finding good inbound links.
  • Seek out other ways to bring targeted traffic through social media or social networks, blogs, forums and other places.

When you start thinking about when to quit your SEO campaign, remember that the day you quit is the day you open the door to your competitors to take those top rankings from you.