10 Moz Alternatives That Will Help You Nail Your SEO

Enhance SEO performance with Moz alternatives like SEO Checker, Semrush, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Similarweb, SpyFu, Conductor, BrightEdge, Raven Tools, and SE Ranking.
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To maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) performance, you need SEO tools. SEO tools, like Moz, help you monitor your SEO performance, understand where you need to improve, and more.

But what if you don’t want to use Moz?

No problem! We’ve got a list of 10 Moz alternatives you can try to boost your SEO score and performance. That list includes:

  1. SEO Checker
  2. Semrush
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Serpstat
  5. Similarweb
  6. SpyFu
  7. Conductor
  8. BrightEdge
  9. Raven Tools
  10. SE Ranking

Keep reading to learn more about these alternatives to Moz to find the right one for you!

[Summary] Top Moz alternatives to use for your SEO campaigns


Tool Price Top Features
SEO Checker Free Internal link analysis, crawling and indexing auditing, mobile-friendliness analysis
Semrush Starting at $129/month Keyword tracking, competitive analysis, ranking tracking
Ahrefs Starting at $99/month Keyword research, ranking tracking, SERP comparison
Serpstat Starting at $59/month Position checking, website auditing, competitor rank monitoring
Similarweb Starting at $125/month Competitor research, traffic analysis, keyword analysis
SpyFu Starting at $39/month Keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis
Conductor Contact for quote Keyword research, content creation, keyword tracking
BrightEdge Contact for quote Opportunity forecasting, content recommendations, keyword reporting
Ravens Tools Starting at $39/month Backlink explorer, website auditing, rank tracking
SE Ranking Starting at $44/month On-page SEO analysis, rank tracking, keyword research

10 Moz alternatives that will help you improve your SEO performance

Ready to see what SEO tools you can use instead of Moz? Keep reading to find out more!

1. SEO Checker

Price: Free

SEO Checker report

To kick off this list of the best Moz alternatives, let’s start with SEO Checker. This tool enables you to analyze your website’s current SEO performance and identify issues you must fix and add to your SEO checklist.

SEO Checker offers features like:

  • Internal link analysis: Get suggestions for how you can improve your internal linking on your pages to improve the user experience.
  • Mobile-friendly check: SEO Checker will analyze your website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly.
  • Crawling and indexing audit: With SEO Checker, you can see if search engines can crawl and index your pages.
  • Site speed analysis: Find out whether your website loads fast enough for users by using SEO Checker.

2. Semrush

Price: Starting at $129/month

Semrush homepage

Another Moz competitor you can try is Semrush. This all-in-one SEO tool enables you to analyze your website’s SEO and improve your performance in search results.

Here are some of the features that come with Semrush:

  • Keyword tracking: Want to see how well you rank for certain keywords? Semrush’s keyword tracker enables you to keep tabs on your most valuable key terms.
  • Competitor analysis: With Semrush’s competitor analysis, you can see what your competition is doing to rank better in search results and find little wins to outperform them, making it one of the best competitor analysis tools available.
  • Rank tracking: Semrush also allows you to keep tabs on how your pages rank in search results with Semrush’s rank tracker, making it one of the best rank tracking tools out there.
  • Topic research: Need some inspiration for your content marketing strategy? Semrush’s topic research features enable you to explore and discover new content ideas for your website.


3. Ahrefs

Price: Starting at $99/month

Ahrefs homepage

One of the best Moz alternatives you can try is Ahrefs. This tool offers numerous features that help you monitor, manage, and improve your SEO performance.

There are many Ahrefs alternatives but if you opt to invest in Ahrefs, you’ll get tons of great features like:

  • Keywords Explorer: Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool enables you to find relevant keywords and see metrics that tell you the value of those terms.
  • Rank Tracker: Ahrefs enables you to monitor your ranking, both in desktop and mobile searches, to keep tabs on your performance in search.
  • SERP comparison: Whether you want to compare rankings of pages on different dates or SERPs for different keywords, Ahrefs can help you make comparisons and provide valuable insight for performing better in search results.
  • Website auditing: With Ahrefs, you can analyze your website and identify any issues with your SEO.

For more information on how Ahrefs compares to Moz, check out our Ahrefs vs. Moz analysis!

4. Serpstat

Price: Starting at $50/month

Serpstat dashboard

If you want an all-in-one SEO platform that helps you boost your SEO performance, check out Serpstat. This tool will help you better understand how your current SEO efforts impact your performance in search results.

Here’s what you get with Serpstat:

  • Position checking: Want to see where you’re ranking for some of your most valuable keywords? Serpstat’s position checking enables you to keep tabs on where you stand.
  • Website auditing: With Serpstat’s website auditing, you can check your current SEO performance and see where you need to improve it.
  • Competitor rank analysis: Want to see how you stack up against competitors? Serpstat enables you to discover your real competitors, identify keyword opportunities, and more!

5. Similarweb

Price: Starting at $125/month

Similarweb homepage

Another alternative to Moz is Similarweb. This tool is a great option if you want to analyze various aspects of your SEO campaign to find opportunities to improve.

Similarweb includes the following SEO features:

  • Competitor analysis: Similarweb helps you monitor your competitors and adapt your campaigns to outdo the success of your competition.
  • Traffic analysis: You can analyze the traffic volume of your website or a competitor’s using Similarweb’s traffic analysis feature.
  • Keyword analysis: With Similarweb, you get in-depth keyword insight that helps you capitalize on trends and improve your organic performance.

6. SpyFu

Price: Starting at $39/month

SpyFu homepage

To continue on this list of Moz competitors, let’s look at SpyFu. SpyFu provides you with all the features you need to understand the SEO performance of your website or your competition.

SpyFu includes numerous great features, like:

  • Keyword research: Want to find new keyword opportunities and track the performance of those keywords? SpyFu makes it easy to find new key terms and monitor their performance.
  • Backlink analysis: Want to understand where you’re earning backlinks and how you can earn more? SpyFu will provide the intel you need to build your backlink profile.
  • Competitor analysis: SpyFu enables you to see where your competitors rank, what keywords they target, and what backlinks they’ve earned. You get the full picture of your competition and can use that information to improve your strategy.

7. Conductor

Price: Contact for quote

Conductor homepage

Are you an enterprise company looking for an alternative to Moz? If so, Conductor is the solution you need. This enterprise SEO tool helps businesses improve their SEO performance to drive better results.

Here’s what you can expect from this Moz competitor:

  • Keyword research: Want to find new ways to rank through valuable keywords? Conductor will help you identify the top keywords for your website to get ahead of your competition.
  • Content creation: Creating content is crucial to ranking in search results and driving valuable traffic. Conductor uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools to make content recommendations that help you create better blogs and articles.
  • Keyword tracking: With Conductor, you get unlimited keyword rank tracking that enables you to stay on top of your positioning and performance in search results.
  • Website health tracking: Conductor makes it easy for you to audit your website, run A/B tests, and more, all to improve your website’s overall health and performance.

8. BrightEdge

Price: Contact for quote

BrightEdge homepage

If you want another alternative to Moz built for enterprises, check out BrightEdge. This platform is an excellent solution for people who want real-time data, recommendations, and rank tracking all in one place.

Here’s what BrightEdge offers:

  • Opportunity forecasting: BrightEdge can help you predict potential gains in revenue or traffic through optimizations you make, content you create, and more.
  • Content recommendations: BrightEdge provides detailed recommendations on improving your content to boost visibility, relevance, and performance.
  • Keyword reporting: Want to know how well your keywords perform? BrightEdge provides detailed reports on how you attract and engage your target audience with your keywords.
  • Website monitoring: If you opt to use BrightEdge, you’ll get help with monitoring, auditing, and identifying website errors fast so they don’t impact your SEO performance.

9. Raven Tools

Price: Starting at $39/month

Raven tools homepage

One of the best Moz alternatives to try is Raven Tools. Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO platform that helps you better understand your performance in search results.

So, what do you get with Raven Tools?

  • Backlink explorer: Want to explore backlinks on your website or a competitor’s? Raven Tools enables you to look at the backlink profile of any website and find link opportunities for your business.
  • Website auditing: Improving your website’s performance in search is crucial for boosting your rankings. Raven Tools makes it easy to audit your website and find opportunities to improve.
  • Rank tracking: Curious about your rank for the keywords you target? Ravens Tools makes it easy to track keywords and see how you perform in SERPs.
  • Keyword research: Ravens Tools will provide keyword suggestions to help you rank in valuable searches that drive qualified traffic.

10. SE Ranking

Price: Starting at $44/month

SERanking dashboard

One of the best Moz alternatives is SE Ranking. This SEO platform enables you to do everything you need to track and improve your performance in search results.

  • On-page SEO analysis: SE Ranking will analyze your web pages to help you discover where you need to improve your on-page SEO efforts.
  • Rank tracking: This tool will help you track your rank in search results and see how you stack up to your competition.
  • Keyword research: SE Ranking will enable you to find the top keywords you can rank for on your website and identify the top competitors.
  • Backlink analysis: With SE Ranking, you can identify backlink opportunities, monitor competitor backlinks, and more!

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