How Do I Choose Between a .com, .org, or .net Domain Name?

How Do I Choose Between a .com, .org, or .net Domain Name

Hi, I’m Nate Babbel, and today I am going to answer the question:

How do I choose between a .com, .org, or .net domain name?

Generally speaking, you will always want to go with a .com domain name. .Com is by far the most common extension. Most people’s first assumption for your company website will be [your business name].com, unless of course your actual extension is in your business name. Plus, .com’s generally have the most clout with Google and keyword rankings.

The .org extension is a very good choice for charity or non-profit sites, this is its most common use. That being said there are successful for-profit sites that use the .org extension. If used correctly the .org can give you a bump in social credence or validation, as internet users could see a .org as a more benevolent site. But you will need to brand the .org with your site name, since as mentioned earlier, .com is the first extension users will assume for any company’s website. As far as google and keyword rankings go, .org’s will do well, though for most profit targeted categories they won’t have as much sway as a matching .com.

A .net extension would be the last choice of these 3 options. It has the disadvantages of the .org extension, but doesn’t have the advantages. From the SEO end of things, .net is better than other extensions, but has lower google rankings weight than the matching .com and .org extensions.

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  1. Mike Frensham says

    Interesting post any thoughts on the .co etc and country specific like
    I have used a few .info but would agree that the main three are to date
    the best options but when you are limited by budget or choice it is sometimes
    very difficult to find a good domain.
    I understand google is moving away from the importance on the exact URL name?

    • Nate Babbel says

      Excellent question. The country specific domain extensions will work excellently in the countries they belong too, but will have less seo sway in the US and other countries.

      The extension is a good choice if you are a uk entity and does have quite a bit of search engine sway, but your best bet will always be a .com if you want to have a global site (and especially if you want to do business in the US).

      Many new startups are using the different domain extensions available, but this seems to be more to have a creative name (and they probably don’t want to shell out the cash for a quality .com).

      Yes, Google is definitely starting to give less clout to exact match URL’s, although they do still have a decent amount.

  2. says

    Great post there Nate, I am not too SEO savvy, sjust to ask, what about custom domain names like .ML .Me etc? Do they have lower SEO grounds? Because am about to kickoff a new project but all other extensions seem hijacked already, can i go with without fear of SEO dropouts? Because .ML quite blends with my brand.

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