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Hyphens or Underscores in URLs

searchenginealgorithmIn my last post, I wrote about using keywords in your domain. If you have already chosen a domain, you can still benefit by naming your deeper pages with keywords.

When placing keywords in the URL you can use hypens or underscores. In the past, the hyphen has been recommended, but opinions vary on which is the best practice for URLs. Earlier this year, Matt Cutts posted a video in which he stated if you are using underscores and they are working for you, don't worry about changing them. In other words, if you are using underscores, your site won't be penalized or banned from the search results. However, if you're building a new site and have the choice, it is still best to use hyphens rather than underscores, because Google treats hyphens as separators between words in a URL--unlike underscores. If you want to listen to Matt's comment, check out the youtube clip: hyphens and underscores.

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Albert Mitchell

Written by Albert Mitchell

Albert Mitchell attended Utah State University studying Photo/Video Journalism, and then later transferred to Utah Valley University, where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Media in 2008. At UVU Albert gained expertise in broadcast and photo productions. Albert took first place in the nation in Radio Production for Skills USA in 2008, and worked on a small team to produce a promotional video for the NAAS, a National Accreditation Association. He has also worked on various local and national broadcast crews. Albert worked for couple of years freelancing in photo, video and webdesign, before joining the team at SEO. His knowledge and expertise in digital media has assisted him in providing technical solutions for clients in his role as an Account Manager. Albert is currently one of the Directors of SEO at SEO.com.

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