Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Which Is Better for SEO?

With shared capabilities for keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink analysis, whether you choose Ubersuggest vs. Semrush will depend on your SEO experience and business size.
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Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Which is better?

Ubersuggest and Semrush are effective SEO tools, but which one is better depends on your needs, experience, and business size. Typically, Ubersuggest is recommended for small businesses and beginner SEOs while Semrush is preferred by larger organizations and seasoned SEOs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is no small task ­­— you have a long to-do list for optimizing your website, from researching keywords to analyzing competitors to tracking rankings. That’s why you need to invest in effective SEO tools.

Need to choose between Ubersuggest vs. Semrush? Explore our breakdown below!

Is Ubersuggest or Semrush better?

Whether Ubersuggest is better than Semrush (or vice versa) depends on your needs, experience, and business size. While both offer keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink analysis capabilities, they differ in data and scale, which is why beginners often prefer Ubersuggest over Semrush, a favorite of SEO experts.

Compare Ubersuggest vs. Semrush

Use the table below for a high-level overview of Ubersuggest vs. Semrush. If you’re looking to learn more about some of these capabilities, like keyword research and competitor analysis, keep reading!

Feature Semrush Ubersuggest
Average rating 4.5 / 5 4.2 / 5
Best for
  • SEO experts
  • SEO agencies
  • Large organizations
  • Beginner SEOs
  • SEO freelancers
  • Small businesses
Pricing Starting at $129.95 / month Starting at $29 / month
  • Extensive SEO and digital marketing toolkit
  • Massive keyword and backlink database
  • Integrations with GA4 and Google Search Console
  • User-friendly interface
  • Low learning curve
  • Affordable pricing
  • Crowded user interface
  • Learning curve
  • Higher price point in comparison to Ubersuggest
  • Limited features
  • Data accuracy
  • Minimal customer support
Site audits
  • Audit up to 1 million pages per month
  • In-depth on-page, off-page, and technical SEO audit
  • Audit up to 10,000 pages weekly
  • Surface-level SEO report
Keyword research Access search volume, CPC, difficulty, intent, and more Access search volume, CPC, and difficulty
Keyword rank tracking Track up to 5,000 keywords with daily updates Track up to 300 keywords with daily updates
SEO content
  • Generate content ideas
  • Create content briefs
Find content ideas
Competitor research
  • Track unlimited competitors
  • Build custom competitor lists
  • Monitor performance by channel, like SEO and PPC
Track up to 15 competitors
Backlink analysis
  • View backlink data from 10+ years ago to present
  • Track backlinks by domain and analyze types generated
View new and lost links for previous 30 days
Customer support
  • Online chat
  • Resource library
  • Online classes
Ease of use Harder to use due to complex interace Easier to use due to minimalist interface
  • Content-based AI tool
  • Free AI tools, separate from subscription
Content-based AI tool


Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Keyword research

Keyword research is a crucial component for helping your pages rank in search results. When debating whether to choose Ubersuggest or Semrush, it’s crucial to look at what they offer for keyword research.

Ubersuggest keyword research features

Ubersuggest offers great keyword research features to help you find relevant terms for your website. With Ubersuggest, you’ll get tons of valuable data on keywords you want to rank for in search results.

You can complete tasks like:

  • Analyzing search volume for top keywords
  • Tracking how search volume changes for terms over time
  • Learning the ranking difficulty for keywords
  • Identifying related keywords
  • Exploring questions people ask around a keyword

Ubersuggest keyword list

Ubersuggest will provide you with all the keyword data and information you need to find relevant terms for your website.

Semrush keyword research features

To compare Semrush and Ubersuggest, let’s look at the keyword research features Semrush offers. When it comes to Semrush vs. Ubersuggest, Semrush leads in keyword research capabilities, which include:

  1. Keyword Overview: Use this tool to get basic keyword information, like search volume, difficulty, and intent.
  2. Organic Research: This tool helps you identify your competitors’ most profitable keywords so you can capitalize on them.
  3. Keyword Magic Tool: Semrush will generate thousands of keyword combinations from a database of over 25 billion keywords.
  4. Keyword Gap: This tool helps you identify new keyword opportunities for your website.
  5. Keyword Manager: Semrush can help you create keyword clusters easily and share them with your team.

Semrush offers numerous great tools for you to use to conduct keyword research.

Semrush keyword examples

Is Ubersuggest or Semrush better for keyword research?

Winner: Semrush

Semrush offers some features, like their Keyword Magic Tool, that Ubersuggest doesn’t. Additionally, Semrush has a more extensive keyword database, which allows you to find more keywords.

Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Competitor analysis

Conducting a competitor analysis is crucial for improving your performance in search engines.

As you compare Semrush and Ubersuggest, look at their competitor analysis features. Both Ubersuggest and Semrush can help you analyze your competitors to improve your strategy.

Ubersuggest competitor analysis features

If you look at Ubersuggest vs. Semrush, you’ll find that Ubersuggest offers numerous great competitor analysis features to help you analyze your competition.

Ubersuggest competitive analysis features

With Ubersuggest, you can:

  • Identify top competitors competing for your keywords
  • Discover keyword gaps that top competitors rank for
  • Analyze competitor search traffic

Ubersuggest provides the basic features you need to analyze your competition.

Semrush competitor analysis features

Semrush also offers great competitor analysis features to help you get a leg up on your competition (and gives itself an edge when it comes to Semrush vs. Ubersuggest).

They offer multiple competitive analysis tools that help you complete tasks like:

  • Analyzing your competitor’s organic search rankings and position changes
  • Analyze keywords and their competition
  • Identifying keyword gaps and opportunities
  • Discovering backlink opportunities through your competitors’ websites
  • Gathering intelligence on competitors
  • Tracking your search positioning and comparing it to your competition

You’ll get tons of great tools to help you outperform your competition.

Semrush competitor analysis overview

Is Ubersuggest or Semrush better for competitor analysis?

Winner: Semrush

So, should you choose Ubersuggest or Semrush for competitive analysis?

If you want a more comprehensive analysis of your competition, Semrush is the way to go. They offer more competitive analysis tools that help you understand who you’re competing against in the search results.

Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Content creation

Creating content is a crucial component for ranking in search results — it’s what ranks in search results. You want an SEO tool that will help your content rank and enable you to drive qualified traffic.

If you’re still debating between Ubersuggest or Semrush, check out their content creation features.

Ubersuggest content creation features

Ubersuggest includes content creation as part of their SEO tool. With this tool, you can input your keyword and generate a list of the most popular content online.

Ubersuggest content creation

With Ubersuggest, you’ll get data on content already on the web, like:

  • Traffic to content pages
  • Keywords the content page ranks for
  • Backlinks to the content pages
  • Shares on social media platforms

Ubersuggest will help you find content ideas and get all the data you need about those topics in one place.

Semrush content creation features

When you compare Semrush and Ubersuggest, you’ll see that Semrush also offers content creation tools. So, how can Semrush help you with creating content?

Semrush content marketing features

Here’s what Semrush can do:

  • Generate content ideas and lists of popular topics
  • Create an SEO-friendly content template
  • Provide an SEO score on readability, tone, and originality

Semrush is an excellent tool for helping you create SEO-friendly content.

Is Ubersuggest or Semrush better for content creation?

Winner: Tie

When you compare Semrush and Ubersuggest, you’ll find that they both offer great features for content generation. While the features aren’t the same, they both can help you generate valuable content for your business.

Ubersuggest vs. Semrush: Pricing

The last component we’ll consider in the Semrush vs. Ubersuggest debate is pricing. When you invest in an SEO tool, you want one that provides you with everything you need and fits your budget.

Let’s break down the pricing for each:

Ubersuggest pricing

Ubersuggest offers three plans to fit any business’s needs. Here’s a breakdown of each package and how much it costs:

Package What it Costs What it offers
Individual $29 per month
  • 150 searches a day
  • 1 domain
  • 125 tracked keywords per domain
  • 5 competitors domains
  • 1000 page scans per domain
  • 1 user
Business $49 per month
  • 300 searches per day
  • 7 domains
  • 150 tracked keywords per domain
  • 10 competitors per domain
  • 5000 pages scans per domain
  • 2 users
Enterprise $99 per month
  • 900 searches per day
  • 15 domains
  • 300 tracked keywords per domain
  • 15 competitors per domain
  • 10,000 page scans per domain
  • 5 users

Even at its most basic plan, Ubersuggest offers numerous great features for people who use the tool.

Semrush pricing

Curious about how much Semrush costs? Here’s a breakdown of the three plans they offer for businesses:

Package What it Costs What it offers
Pro $129.95 per month
  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 10,000 results per report
Guru $249.95 per month
  • 15 projects
  • 1500 keywords to track
  • 30,000 results per report
Business $499.94 per month
  • 40 projects
  • 5000 keywords to track
  • 50,000 results per report

Semrush offers multiple plans to ensure you get the plan that fits your needs best.

How to choose between Semrush vs. Ubersuggest

If you’re debating between Semrush vs. Ubersuggest, consider these areas:

  • Needs: Outline your needs, like keyword and competitor research, and any sub-needs, like you want XYZ competitor data. You’ll also need to determine what you’re willing to pay. Then, compare that to the capabilities of these tools.
  • Experience: Your experience level is a great guide when choosing between Ubersuggest vs. Semrush. If you’re new to SEO, then consider starting with Ubersuggest.
  • Organization: Are you working in-house at a business or starting an agency? Agencies will often invest in Semrush, but if you’re new with a small client base, Ubersuggest could work as a starting point depending on your unique needs.

The good news is Semrush and Ubersuggest both offer free trials, so you can experiment with both. That hands-on experience can help you decide which tool is best for your search engine optimization needs.

Unsure if Ubersuggest or Semrush are right for you?

Even after you compare Semrush and Ubersuggest, you might not feel like they’re right for you. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s the right fit for you, check out our blog to learn about other SEO tools you can use to manage your strategy!

Or, if you want to skip the search for tools altogether, consider partnering with SEO experts like the ones at SEO.com! Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your SEO goals!

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