Semrush Pricing: How Much Does Semrush Cost?

Semrush offers pricing plans tailored to diverse business needs, plus provides free trials. Learn more about Semrush's pricing (starting at $129.95 per month) now.
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How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush costs $129.95 per month for the Pro plan and up to $499.95 per month for the Business plan. Keep reading to learn more about Semrush pricing and get an in-depth look at all the plan costs!

If improving your search engine optimization (SEO) is your top priority, you want to find the best tool for the job. Semrush is one of the top SEO tools that helps you manage your strategy and make improvements to drive more organic traffic.

But how much does Semrush cost?

On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Semrush pricing. We’ll cover all the Semrush pricing plans and tell you what you get for each tier.

Keep reading to learn more!

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Semrush pricing: How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush offers multiple plans to fit every business’s needs. Here’s how much it costs:

Plan Price if paid monthly Price if paid annually
Pro $129.95 per month $108.33 per month
Guru $249.95 per month $208.33 per month
Business $499.95 per month $416.66 per month

Semrush also offers custom plans, but the cost will fluctuate depending on your needs. If you are unsure which plan is right for you, Semrush also offers free trials to try out their product.

If Semrush’s pricing is outside your budget, consider a more cost-friendly tool like Ubersuggest or SpyFu. In our comparison of Semrush vs. Ubersuggest and Semrush vs. SpyFu, we outline the pros and cons of each tool to help you compare the two.

A breakdown of Semrush pricing plans

Now you know the cost of Semrush, but what do you get for what you pay? We’ll break down this section into the key features that come with Semrush and detail how those features differ with each plan.

Domain and keyword analytics

A key component of the Semrush pricing plans is domain and keyword analytics. Semrush will provide reports on your keywords and historical data to help you make more informed SEO decisions.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with each plan:

Feature Pro Guru Business
Rows of data per analytics report 10,000 30,000 50,000
Historical data report Not included Included Included
Number of requests for analytics reports per day 3000 5000 10,000
Keyword metrics updates per month 250 1000 5000

Project features

Semrush operates on the premise of projects. The projects you create allow you to get relevant data about your website’s performance in search results so you can make improvements.

Let’s break down what you get with each Semrush pricing plan:

Feature Pro Guru Business
Number of projects 5 15 40
Number of keywords you can track 500 1500 5000
Ability to track mobile rankings Yes Yes Yes
Targets per project 1 10 Unlimited
Keyword cannibalization report Not included Included Included
Pages crawled per month for all projects 100,000 300,000 1,000,000
Pages crawled per project 20,000 20,000 100,000
Javascript rendering Not included Included Included
SEO Ideas Units 500 800 2000
Sharing with “edit” access Yes Yes Yes
Sharing with “read-only” access Yes Yes Yes


Included in the Semrush cost is reporting. Reporting features enable you to understand your SEO performance overall and find ways to improve your campaigns.

Here’s a breakdown of reporting for each plan:

Feature Pro Guru Business
Number of auto-generated PDF reports 5 20 50
Looker Studio Integration Not included Included Included
PDF template sharing Yes Yes Yes

Content marketing platform

When looking at Semrush pricing, you’ll see that their content marketing platform is included as part of the cost. This platform helps you with your content creation, which is a crucial part of ranking in search results. You can only have access to it with the Guru or Business Plan.

Here’s what you get:

Feature Pro Guru Business
Access to content tools No Yes Yes
Topics to research Unlimited Unlimited
SEO content templates 800 2000
Plagiarism checks per month 5 10

Additional Semrush costs

We’ve now covered everything included in the Semrush pricing plans, but there are some potential additional costs you can add on depending if you want extra features.

Here are some additional things you can add to your plan:

Additional users

Want to add more members of your team and give them a unique login? You can opt to include additional users as part of your Semrush cost.

Here’s how it breaks down for each plan:

Pro Guru Business
$45 per additional user per month $80 per additional user per month $100 per additional user per month

Semrush Local

Want to optimize your local SEO presence? Semrush offers local SEO optimization as an additional cost to your plan.

If you opt for local optimization, Semrush will help you improve your local visibility, help you manage your local SEO listings, and build a better reputation through review management.

Here’s Semrush pricing for local optimization:

Plan Semrush Local Basic Semrush Local Premium
Pro $20 per month $40 per month
Guru $20 per month $40 per month
Business $20 per month $40 per month

Semrush .Trends

Another feature you can include in your Semrush cost is Semrush Trends. As the name suggests, this tool helps you identify consumer trends, so you can improve your sales and SEO tactics.

It includes features like:

  • Tracking key traffic channels
  • Gathering mobile and desktop traffic data
  • 24/7 competitor tracking

Semrush’s pricing lists it as an additional $200 per user per month, regardless of which plan you have.

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