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Domain Consulting

Choosing the right domain is a vital part of online business. It says a lot about your company and its products and services. More than that, your domain is a foundational part of your brand, and we can help you build on it to grow your success.

There are many nuances to consider when looking at domain names for your business. It must be unique and memorable while not being too strange. It must be user friendly and easily recognizable. And it should lay the groundwork for future SEO efforts.

Some companies come up with names that aren’t real words or have “unique” spellings or are simple keywords that feel very generic. Some companies may spend way too much money on a name that won’t help their brand, while others miss the perfect opportunity by choosing a cheaper alternative.

At SEO.com, our domain specialists will help you consider all these aspects and get the domain that contributes to your SEO and branding strategies.

Do You Need a Domain Consultation?

There are several elements to a domain that could contribute to its value. Some of them increase its intrinsic value, should you ever want to sell it, while others help establish your place in the online market. Our thorough consultations will help you determine a domain’s:


Be unique enough that people easily recognize your brand. It needs to make sense, and it needs to be memorable.


Is the domain even available for use? Is it infringing on any copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property?


A sub-optimal domain can make it harder for customers to use. They’ll quickly forget the name or look at other options online.

Marketing Advantages

Will your domain make your marketing efforts easier or harder? Will it support your SEO efforts or simply confuse customers?

“Due to the visual nature of today’s world, the traffic gained from SEO is greatly enhanced when you use quality images and design. For example, blog post readers often associate quality of content with the quality of the blog post image. You can easily reap the benefits of better branding.”
Megan | SEO Team

A Comprehensive Domain Strategy

At SEO.com, we can offer key industry insights to help you formulate the right domain strategy for your business.

Search for the Right Domain

Which domain is really right for you? Are there any alternatives that might perform better in the search engines? Do keywords matter, and how many variations on that word should you look at before making a decision? We will help you search out all your options so you can start building a great brand.

Negotiate Prices and Acquire the Domain

Domain negotiations can be a challenge if you’re going after a very valuable name. Our consultants have been in the business for a long time and know how to reach the best deals – even with experienced sellers – so you can acquire your ideal domain for the right price.

Provide a Valuation of Potential Domains

Domains are like internet real estate. Some of them have an intrinsic value based on several factors while others simply have the potential to be developed into something great. We’ll evaluate your options and determine its brandability, SEO potential, and any value it has in the aftermarket.

Develop Branding Strategies with Your Domain

Your domain name should be marketable both online and off. At SEO.com, we will help you develop strategies that use the domain’s value to reach more people, establish your brand, and climb the search engine rankings. Your strategy needs to make your brand more memorable.

Protect Your Brand in Competitive Situations

When you need to take steps to protect your brand, we can help you determine the right solution. Perhaps you need to acquire other, similar names so others can’t use them to confuse customers or take advantage of your name recognition.

Set Up and Manage Your Domains

Do you own several domains related to your business? We can help you manage a portfolio of domains and advise on all the details, including setting up domain privacy if you want to keep your information out of the public ICANN directories.

A Complete Approach to Online Marketing
  • How do SEO and social media promote your brand?
  • Can you make AdWords work for your company?
  • How does your website establish your brand?

Download “How to Conquer a Competitive Industry with Internet Marketing” to find out.

Who is Domain Consulting For?

Startups and Re-branding

Starting a new business requires a lot of research and preparation. You can work with our specialists to get a feel for the marketplace and determine what kind of domain name will help kickstart your company.

The same applies to your re-branding efforts. Make sure your new look can live up to your potential.

Domain Buyers and Sellers

Getting into the domain business isn’t easy. The competition out there it tough, with everyone going after the most valuable domains. If you buy and sell domains, you need to know about online trends and how the market is evolving.

We can help you stay at the forefront of the marketplace and keep your properties moving.

Trusted Experts

Domain consulting services are beneficial to companies of all sizes and in any industry. They can help establish your brand online and keep you in the minds of your customers.

Our knowledge and experience in the internet marketing world gives us a unique perspective on the importance of a good domain, and we know how to incorporate them into a powerful online marketing solution.

Let us help you set up the right domain for your business and back it up with sleek web design and top-ranked SEO services.

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Choose The Best Possible Domain For Your Business With Our Domain Consultation

Climb to the top of your industry with a strong, integrated strategy and an experienced, trusted agency. Use the form below to get in touch with our team and speak with a marketing professional about your online opportunities.

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