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Inside your SEO Checker report, you’ll find:

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  • Where your site has SEO issues
  • How to fix your site’s SEO issues
  • Which fixes to prioritize, based on SEO impact
  • Where to learn more about SEO issues specific to your site

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Accelerate your SEO performance and get a higher return from search with our free SEO Checker

Our free SEO Checker tool gives you a complete audit of your site’s current search engine optimization (SEO) performance and a custom report with all the details.

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SEO Checker overview

  • How do you get started with our SEO audit tool? Chevron

    It’s easy to get started with our free SEO audit tool! Simply enter your website URL, or the URL of a page you want to audit), then enter your name and email address to receive your SEO performance report!

  • What does our free SEO analysis tool check? Chevron

    Our SEO Checker audits several SEO factors on your website to evaluate its current performance and identify issues preventing your site from earning higher rankings.

    Here are some of the factors our free SEO analysis tool will check:

    • Page load speed
    • Title tag optimization
    • Meta description optimization
    • Heading optimization
    • URL optimization
    • Mobile-friendliness
    • Images
    • Backlinks
    • Content

    Page load speed

    One of the first things SEO Checker will audit is your site’s page speed.

    Page speed is an important ranking factor. If your site takes too long to load, users won’t find the information they need and leave your site. This signals to Google that your website isn’t providing a good user experience, which can cause you to miss out on higher rankings or rankings.

    Our SEO Checker will analyze your page speed, list ways to improve it if needed, and even highlight specific files you can compress to speed up your site.

    Title tag optimization

    Our SEO Checker will also audit your title tags and provide recommendations to optimize them for better performance.

    For example, our SEO audit tool will assess your titles’:

    • Keyword use: Our tool will identify whether your title includes your target keyword. Adding keywords in your titles helps search engines and users better understand your page topic, leading to higher rankings in relevant results and more clicks.
    • Length: SEO Checker will also highlight titles that are too long. Titles that are over 60 characters in length won’t display fully in the search results, which can lead to fewer clicks and traffic.

    Meta description optimization

    While not a direct ranking factor, meta descriptions can impact whether or not a user will click on your website in the search results, which impacts your traffic.

    To make sure your meta descriptions are optimized for search engines, SEO Checker will assess your description’s:

    • Keyword use: Search engines usually bold keywords that appear in meta descriptions for users, so it’s good practice to include your target keyword to attract more clicks. SEO Checker will highlight if your meta description is missing your target keyword.
    • Length: Just like with titles, meta descriptions that are too long will be cut off in the search results. Our SEO analysis tool will identify any meta descriptions that exceed the character limit so you can shorten them.

    Heading optimization

    Making sure your headings are optimized helps search engines better understand the content on your page and allows users easily navigate and skim your content to find the answers they’re looking for.

    As part of your site’s SEO audit, our SEO Checker tool will also audit your headings and their use of your target keyword. It’s recommended to include keywords in your headings, especially your H1 tag. Your SEO Checker report will identify headings that are missing keywords for easy optimization.

    URL optimization

    Our SEO analysis tool will also look at your URL and whether it’s optimized for search engines by looking at whether your URL:

    • Contains your target keyword
    • Uses underscores instead of hyphens
    • Uses a top-level domain (TLD)

    By assessing these factors, SEO Checker can help you understand if your URL is SEO-friendly.


    Search engines want to give their mobile users the best possible experience, which means showing them websites in the results that will function and display correctly on mobile devices.

    That’s why our free SEO audit tool will analyze your site’s mobile-friendliness and let you know if your website is optimized for mobile devices.

    If it’s not, the best way to make your website mobile-friendly is to implement responsive design.


    Images help break up your text and provide more context for readers by giving them a visual to better understand your content.

    You should ensure that your images are optimized for search engines to increase your rankings and help your images appear in relevant image search results.

    SEO Checker will identify images that need to be optimized by evaluating their:

    • File name: Image file names should be descriptive, use keywords, and include hyphens instead of underscores to separate words
    • Alt text: All images should have descriptive al text that helps search engines and users who can’t see or load your images understand what the images show.


    Our free SEO audit tool will also analyze your backlinks. Backlinks are links from external websites to your website. Earning backlinks from reputable websites signals to search engines that your content is valuable and helpful for users, helping you move up in the search results.

    SEO Checker will generate a backlink score based on the number of backlinks you’ve earned, along with links from unique domains, to help you assess the health of your backlink profile.

    What does an SEO checker analyze?

    An SEO audit tool like SEO Checker audits your website’s current SEO performance. In other words, it assesses critical SEO components on your website, like:

    • Backlinks
    • Keywords
    • Page speed
    • Images
    • Duplicate content
    • Title tag
    • Headings
    • Meta descriptions
    • URLs
    • And more

    With an SEO analysis tool like SEO Checker, you’ll get a hassle-free yet in-depth look into your site’s SEO and how you can improve your efforts to earn higher rankings in the future.

  • How do I read my SEO report? Chevron

    After you enter your website or page URL, name, and email address, the SEO Checker will audit your website in 60 seconds or less. Then, it will generate and display your report on the screen to view. Plus, we’ll email you a copy of your report so you can access it anytime or save and export it for other team members to view.

  • Can I check multiple pages at once? Chevron

    You can check one page at a time with SEO Checker. Alternatively, you can enter your website URL to give an overview of your entire site’s SEO performance.

  • What is an SEO checker? Chevron

    An SEO checker is a tool that crawls websites and pages to audit their SEO performance. It identifies critical SEO issues and generates a report to help you improve your search rankings and traffic.

  • How does an SEO checker work? Chevron

    An SEO checker crawls websites in a similar way to search engine crawlers. It then evaluates several SEO factors on your website, such as title and meta description optimization, mobile-friendliness, and page load speed. It will then generate an SEO score based on how well your site performs in relation to these factors and highlight current SEO issues that you can solve to improve your performance and score.

Inside Your SEO Report

SEO Score

a website that has the number 74 on it

Your SEO score is a number between 0 and 100. A score between 0 and 40 indicates poor SEO performance, where several issues must be addressed, while a score between 70 and 100 indicates great SEO performance with few to no issues to fix.

Site Speed Analysis

a screen that says asset minimization on it

Discover whether your pages load quickly for users and search engine crawlers and receive recommendations for speeding up your website.

URL Optimization

a URL for is displayed on a white background

Your SEO Checker report will highlight whether or not your URL is SEO-friendly by looking at its length and keyword use.

Meta Description Optimization

a notification that the meta description for your website is missing

Are your meta descriptions turning users and traffic away? Your SEO Checker report will show you how to get those clicks back.

Content Grade

The words

Our free SEO audit tool will also evaluate whether your content needs to be optimized to earn higher rankings in the search results by assessing its length, keyword use, and other SEO best practices.

Image Optimization

A page that says alt attribute we found 6 images on this web page 5 alt attributes are missing

Do your images have room to improve? Discover images with missing alt text and images that you should compress in your SEO Checker report.

Code Analysis

A card that says 'technologies' on it

Get insights into the tech you (or the competition) uses to optimize, track, and measure site performance with our code analysis.

Internal Linking Analysis

an in-page links page shows a total of 29 links including 0 links to files

Your free SEO audit also gives you insights into how your website links internally to other pages on your site so you can improve your internal linking strategy for a better user experience and improved crawlability.

Security Analysis

a page that says SSL secure on it

Is your website safe and secure? Search engines want to ensure users are protected when browsing and interacting with websites that appear in the search results. Find out if your site is secure in your free SEO report.

Mobile-Friendly Check

a phone screen displays a nutshell contact management page

Can mobile users navigate and interact with your website easily? SEO Checker will assess your website’s mobile-friendliness so you can find out!

Crawl & Indexing Audit

a screenshot of a website that says domain registration and xml sitemap

Our free SEO analysis tool will help you understand whether search engines can crawl and index your pages to show them in relevant search results by analyzing your sitemap and robots.txt file and sharing optimization recommendations in your report.

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