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11 Amazing Tools For Generating Blog Topic Ideas

Discover 11 powerful tools, including Google Trends, Ahrefs Content Explorer, and Ubersuggest, to generate compelling blog topic ideas tailored to your audience.
Last Updated November 8, 2023

Getting inspiration for your blog can be challenging, but if you keep your audience and your business market in mind, you’ll find the right topic to write about.

Discover fresh SEO blog topics and ideas with these eleven (11) amazing tools. Boost your SEO efforts and stand out by finding inspiration with these topic research tools that will resonate with your audience.

How to find blog topics

Finding SEO blog topics can be challenging, but if you keep your business goals and audience in mind and find inspiration from topic research tools, this type of content can help your company reach its target audience.

Before listing our recommendation on how to find blog post ideas, consider the business market, purpose of the post, relevant keywords, and value for the audience.

Let’s explore how to find blog post ideas in greater depth.

3 Ways to Find Blog Ideas in SEO.com

SEO.com provides several ways to get inspiration for your next blog post, but the first thing you need to do is sign up for a free account! Once you’ve done that, read the examples below:

1. Dig into your competitor’s best content

Viewing your competitors pages and keywords often reveals some great ideas for blog posts (and other content)! In SEO.com, we give you a deeper view of your competitors’ ranking content, the estimated traffic they receive, and the value of that traffic to their site.

2. Search high ranking sites in your industry in our Site Analyzer tool

Exploring new sites you come across is crucial for keyword research! If you see one starting to appear in your search results that you haven’t marked as a competitor in SEO.com, don’t worry! Use our Site Analyzer tool to dive directly into their keyword rankings and spot the keywords you should try ranking for.

3. Look into low ranking keywords on your site

Researching topics that stem from your own rankings can reveal a few different angles for a blog post. Many times good content doesn’t rank just because it’s trying to serve a different type of intent. Use our keyword rankings tool and filter out your best content. The lower ranking content could either use a refresh, or could be the basis for a new blog post with a different approach.

There are many other use cases for SEO.com in growing your own organic traffic. Try it free today – no credit card required!

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11 Other Tools for Finding Blog Post Ideas

Looking for some other tools to try out when you need a good blog post idea? Keep reading!

blog topic ideas infographic


1. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most relevant SEO blog topics tools to get some inspiration, and it also helps you discover popular topics and queries, giving you insights into your audience’s interests. Using it can lead to timely and relevant blog topics that attract your audience.

Google Trends

Besides finding content topics, it’s a fantastic market research tool.


 2. Ahrefs Content explorer

Ahrefs content can help you find popular SEO blog topics in your niche. Use its Content Explorer to analyze backlinks and social shares, pinpoint issues that resonate with your audience, and attract authoritative links.


To discover pages with impressive traffic despite having few backlinks, try refining your search results by filtering them based on referring domains and estimated monthly search traffic. You can also identify SEO blog topics (or even infographics) that are easier to rank for without having to create an extensive number of links.


3. Ubersuggest


Although Ubersuggest is not ideal for SEO blog topic ideas, it is an excellent tool for generating new SEO blog topic ideas. How to find blog posts ideas? Easy, enter a word or phrase, and it will produce a long list of related results grouped from A-Z.


4. Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword planner

Another good SEO blog topic tool is the one from Google Keyword Tool, which is practical not only to get some inspiration to generate general blog topics but also to help identify and research keywords with high monthly search volume.


5. Answer the Public

answer the public

Answer the Public helps generate SEO blog topics by revealing common user questions about a chosen subject, making it an essential tool for understanding user intent, but there are also answerthepublic alternatives worth exploring.


6. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generation

hubspot blog ideas generator

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator is a good blog topic tool to spark your creativity. It generates potential SEO blog topics by entering relevant terms. Some ideas may require tweaking, but this tool will kick-start your brainstorming process.


7. Quora

Quora is all about getting some answers, so this is an excellent place to get some SEO blog topic ideas to inspire content. If there’s anything you can learn from Quora, by answering your visitor’s questions, you will ensure traffic and will engage your audience.


Quora is a good place for discovering those questions. Enter a word or phrase related to your topic and see what questions users ask. Once your results are displayed, you can click on “Top Stories,” “Trending,” and “Questions” to dive deeper into your topic.


8. Buzzsumo


While searching for SEO blog topics, BuzzSumo helps you find popular articles in your niche to guide your content creation as a source of inspiration.


9. Scoop it


Scoop is one of the best SEO blog topics tools if you want to find interesting content. You can research and discover curated content on various topics, including industry leaders’ perspectives and opinions. Additionally, it allows for easy content curation and sharing on social media or blogs.


10. Feedly Reader


This SEO blog topic ideas gets your inspiration and ideas feed up and running. Plus, it’s available as a Chrome extension for digital marketers.


11. Content Idea AI Generator

Yes, it’s AI time. And this SEO blog topics AI generator is handy because includes templates according to your blog post needs and offers accurate recommendations on how to organize your post.


content idea ai generatorAI is here to stay, and it’s about something other than replacing your content creation with AI; when it comes to using AI for SEO, there are applications for it (think of it as an assistant) — including for generating blog topic ideas.

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