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Every once in a while, you come across a piece of information that revolutionizes the way you perform. I had that epiphany the other day in Google Analytics as I was experimenting with custom dashboards, and I want to share these downloads with you. Hopefully you can glean some information about the performance of your website through these custom dashboards that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

What are custom dashboards?

There is so much data to be discovered in search Analytics, that it can sometimes be difficult to find the KPIs that can prove the value of an SEO campaign.

With custom dashbards, you can segment the metrics you need at a glance to understand how visitors are interacting with your site. All the important information is there in once place, and you can export that data into a PDF report to share with your company’s decision makers.

You can either set up your own custom dashboards in Google Analytics, or you can search for pre-made dashboards that will import into your Analytics profile with a few clicks.

The importance of website Analytics

For humans, introspection is an important component to being effective in life. We can’t ever begin to understand how other people view us unless we take the time for self-reflection.

The same is true for businesses and their web properties.

Analytics is all about discovering and tracking patterns in data, and how visitors interact with the pages, products and services listed on a website.

“One of the beautiful parts of using any clickstream analysis tool is the ability to segment data that provides actionable insight,” says Brian Jensen, an SEO Manager with SEO.com. “Data and metrics presented by themselves really don’t tell much of a story without some point of comparision. By providing this context we can get a better understanding of what’s really happening.”

So, without further adieu…

Here are some of my favorite Google Analytics custom dashboards:

To download these dashboards, open your Google Analytics profile, and then come back to this post, copy the URL for the download and paste it into the address bar. You can download the dashboards directly into your profile.

1. Personal blogger dashboard by DashboardJunkie.com

With this custom dashboard, you can see the basic metrics of you blog, written in plain, jargon-free English. View search terms, screen resolution, links, mobile traffic, visitor locations, visitor source, mobile metrics and popularity of content among others.

Personal Blogger Dashboard Screenshot

Download here >> http://www.dashboardjunkie.com/getdashboard/50

2. SEO monitoring dashboard, by Mike Meisner

Download this custom dashboard to see how well your site performs in organic search. You can view metrics related to non-branded search terms including conversions from keywords, organic visits and organic search referrals.

SEO Monitoring Dashboard

Download here >> https://www.google.com/analytics/web/permalink?type=dashboard&uid=qBF59OdCT26RW9DtjiPbpg

3. Brand monitoring dashboard, by Koozai

I love this dashboard. Are you keeping track of your brand in the search engines? With this dashboard, you can see information like the number of people coming to your site through a brand name search, which social sites are sending visitors and the important hubs for your brand.
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Enter your brand name into each of the widgets to track these metrics.

Brand Monitoring Dashboard

Download here >> https://www.google.com/analytics/web/permalink?uid=5naWKM71TeChQ2-lyYfseA

4. Social media dashboard, by Justin Cutroni

Track the important metrics from your social media strategy, like revenue, shared content, visitors from social, actions taken, referral traffic and more. This is a great dashboard to show how effective your efforts in social media are, and where to improve your campaign.

Social Media Dashboard

Download here >> http://troni.me/GASocialDash

5. Mobile Ecommerce dashboard, by Google

If you want to see how mobile users interact with your Ecommerce site, download this dashboard. You can see actions taken by visitors from social media, the bounce rate and average visit duration, mobile revenue and average order value, bounce rates for specific mobile devices and more.

Mobile Ecommerce Dashboard

Download here >> http://goo.gl/W6Wki

6. Site performance dashboard, by Google

How is page speed affecting your visitors’ experience on your site? With this dashboard, you can bring useful data to your IT team, and identify performance issues related to the website or servers.

Site Performance Dashboard

Download here >> http://goo.gl/oJ2MU

7. [not provided] analysis dashboard, by Google

Technically, this is a custom report (not a dashboard), but is a worthwhile download. You can drill down into the data coming from [not provided] keywords in Google search, and view metrics like bounce rate, % new visits and revenue.

SEO Not Provided Dashboard

Download here >> http://goo.gl/x6cl5

8. PPC dashboard, by Koozai

See the effectiveness of your pay-per-click campaigns in one, single dashboard. View visits from PPC, impressions, goal completions and CTR. You can also segment the data by campaign.

PPC Dashboard

Download here >> https://www.google.com/analytics/web/permalink?uid=Q4mOwZEzR9eNFW8Y1Dtv0A

9. Top content & searches dashboard, by Blue Riot Labs

Here’s a quick view at your top performing site content, which is great if you need to pull out some wins for a report. Includes top-visited pages, keywords and top referral sites.

Top Content and Searches Dashboard

Download here >> https://www.google.com/analytics/web/permalink?type=dashboard&uid=7WuTTiykTZGHET_Srztb3Q

10 Visitor technology dashboard, by Justin Cutroni

I’ve saved the best for last! With this report, you can view visitor metrics like traffic from specific operating systems, mobile, browser popularity, screen resolutions, and conversion rates segmented by browser.

Visitor Technology Dashboard

Download here >> https://www.google.com/analytics/web/permalink?uid=C8ug-THUTUeX-OA81X8G3w

As with any of these custom dashboards, you can rearrange the placement of the widgets, edit the data pulled within each widget, or even delete the ones you don’t need within each dashboard. All that matters is that you’re getting the information you need to prove the value of your SEO campaign, and focus on areas of your website that need attention.

What are your favorite Google Analytics custom dashboards? Share them in the comments!