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Get More Views and Traffic with Video SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We’ll help you take advantage of this powerful platform to grow your business.

Video is a Powerful Tool for Generating Web Traffic

Many of your customers prefer video over text, which makes video SEO critical to reach new a new audience and expand your brand.

Videos create new opportunities to rank your content in Google, too. According to Forrester Research, it’s 53 times easier to rank a video in Google than it is to rank a webpage.

We can help you use this great opportunity and get your message in front of a huge, content-hungry audience.

How to Make Video SEO a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You can easily make video SEO part of an effective marketing plan. At SEO.com, we begin with an in-depth look at your current YouTube channel and videos to determine its current performance, it’s level of optimization, and any immediate changes that could lead to quick wins.

Once we determine the strategy that will turn your videos into effective marketing tools, we’ll help you get started on the road to video success.

Our Approach

We have a step-by-step approach to tackling even the toughest online markets. This strategy is all about building a long-term solution for effective video marketing.

Video SEO Audit

Before we can get started with the campaign, we need to know exactly how everything is currently performing and what needs to be done first.

Keyword Research

People search differently on YouTube than they do on a regular search engine, which means we need to research the best keywords for a video campaign.

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors currently doing on YouTube? What can you do better? What opportunities have they missed? We’ll find out.

Content Calendar

Consistent production and publication are key to success with video SEO. We’ll create a plan that will help you stay on schedule.

Video Optimization

Optimizing a video is about more than just titles, tags, and descriptions. We’ll work with you to give your videos the best chance to be found.

Creation & Publication

Don’t have your own video production crew? No problem. We can create a wide range of videos that promote your brand.

Perks of Working With Us

Dedicated Account Manager

SEO.com will assign you a dedicated account manager who will manage your SEO strategy. Your manager will regularly communicate with you and ensure that you are always in the loop on your campaign.

Live Reporting Dashboard

How is your campaign performing? What has been done this month to reach your goals? Have your rankings been impacted by a recent algorithm change? You will be able to log into your own reporting dashboard to get all these answers.

Transparent Link Building

Links are a critical element of any SEO campaign, but not all links are created equal. The goal here is for quality over quantity. Any bot can secure you hundreds of links from irrelevant sites. We’ll focus on links that provide real value.

Local Directory Listings

You need to make sure your website is listed in all the right locations. As a small business, it’s important to take advantage of every online opportunity. These listings help build your authority and attract more traffic.

High Quality Content

Content has always been king in the online world. The content you create for your website must engage your readers, impress the search engines, and get published on a regular basis. We’ll take care of this for you.

Great Return On Investment

Small businesses need to make every dollar count. SEO for small businesses, then, has to deliver the type of returns you need to keep growing. Get started today and discover how you can make your marketing budget do a lot more.

The Data

Is video SEO really worth it?
Consider some of these statistics when you make that decision:

Google is the world’s largest search engine

67% of all online searches are through Google

94% of all mobile and tablet searches are through Google

It’s 53 times easier to rank a video in Google than it is to rank a webpage

YouTube is the second largest search engine (and owned by Google)

85% of internet users in the U.S. watch online videos

More than 91% of the videos in Googles search results are from YouTube

Simply put, Google supports its own products, and with SEO.com, you can work with a YouTube marketing company that understands how this platform is integral to your overall online success.

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Breaking Down Video SEO

Effective Video Optimization

Un-optimized videos don’t carry much weight in the search engines.

Google and YouTube rely on a lot of important indicators to understand how to rank your videos – and none of them involve the beautiful camera shots or enthusiastic sales pitches.

Without the proper optimization, the world won’t be able to find your masterpiece.

At SEO.com, we can make sure that your videos always carry the proper data and content so they have the best chance of being discovered. Then, it’s just a matter of engaging an audience of loyal subscribers.

Effective video optimization is about more than creating a good title and description. It’s about a well-composed, integrated strategy that links your content, the data, and viewer engagement. We are an SEO company that “gets it,” and we approach your video marketing with this kind of holistic strategy.

Ranking Videos in Regular Search Results

Optimizing your video content to appear in search results outside YouTube can have a huge impact on your website traffic.

Why? Because these results have a significantly higher click-through rate than the plain text options on the same page.

In other words, videos are a fast and simple way to consume the information we’re after, which makes them an easy choice over a long, dry article.

Video is a great tool for engagement, and we can help you take advantage of video content to generate more traffic and establish your authority in the industry.

An Experienced Video Marketing Agency

Contact us today to request a proposal or to learn more about the full scope of our video marketing services. Here are a few of our more popular services.

YouTube Optimization Services

Our YouTube services cover pretty much everything. We offer complete channel designs or simple thumbnail creation. We can design your info card graphics or simply plan a strategy to use your annotations and links more effectively. We can consult on strategy or take over the execution of your video brand management.

Video Promotion on Facebook

Facebook is an extremely effectively place to promote your YouTube videos. At SEO.com, you can work with Facebook advertising specialists who can pinpoint your target audience and make sure they have a chance to see your video. Facebook users consume more than 100 million hours of video a day, and you can tap into this social media opportunity with an effective ad campaign.

Animated Explainer Videos

These simple and engaging videos are a great way to connect with your customers. Whether you prefer an animated whiteboard video or a 2D character animation, we can create something memorable in a video that lasts just 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Video Infographics

Infographics are powerful tools in the content marketing world, and the same is true when you make the switch to video. Show off some important stats and data in a more visually engaging way. These simple videos are also great for Facebook Ads.

Sales Letter Videos

A video sales letter is a simple way to engage your audience and “sell” them on why they need your products or services. These videos can be produced rather quickly because they don’t require a ton of visual content, but they’re more engaging than all the text-only emails cluttering your potential clients’ inboxes.

Tutorial Videos

Videos are one of the most effective ways to educate customers and curious visitors about your products or services. Whether you are providing tips on how to put their newly acquired tools to better use or creating a replacement for a complex instruction manual, these videos can help make your customers more loyal to your brand.

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