4 Unmatched Sources To Track Google Algorithm Updates

4 Unmatched Sources To Track Google Algorithm Updates

It’s Never Been Easier To Track Google Algorithm Updates

It is almost impossible to keep up with every single change in the Google search algorithm, at least on your own. So, here are four sources to help you keep up with and track Google algorithm updates, as well as what they mean for your business.

1. Inside Search – Official Google Search Blog

Inside Search - Official Google Blog For Algorithm Update News Logo

While some may dispute it, there is no better source of knowledge than the source itself. The Inside Search blog is undoubtedly your most important source to monitor for news on the most recent algorithm updates and just what Google is attempting to target as such.

It is important to keep in mind that what Google attempts to do in the search engine results and what their algorithm update actually does are often two very different things. But more so than this, looking at what Google is targeting is great insight into what they deem as most important and/or major issues on the web currently.

Start Tracking Google Algorithm Updates - View the Official Google Search blog here.

2. MozCast –  Google Algorithm Weather Forecast

MozCast - Google Algorithm Weather Tracking

When you are looking for the daily impact algorithms have on the web in general, MozCast is a great source. Every 24 hours the website will audit 1000 keywords to determine which top 10 results are showing that day for the query. They will then take those top 10 current results and compare them to the day prior to see just how much shake up has occurred. The bigger the change in results the higher the temperature.

This is a great way to collect a fairly small sample of search engine results and identify, in general, what is happening in Google currently due to algorithm changes.

Visit MozCast for daily Google algorithm tracking and weather reports here.

3. Matt Cutts Google+

Matt Cutts - Good Source for Algorithm Updates News

For those of you who aren’t aware,  Matt Cutts is head of the webspam team at Google. He has become a type of spokesperson for the organic side of Google search results. He will often post each time a major roll out occurs in the algorithm and ask businesses to provide feedback on how or if they are impacted by the update. He will also typically announce how much of the web they estimate will be affected.

The unique element you will get when following Matt Cutts (as opposed to the Google Webmaster Central blog) is that, at times, he will announce upcoming algorithm updates and elements they will be targeting in advance. This can be a great help in determining what your online strategy should be as you look into future months.

Follow Matt Cutts on Google+ here.

4. SEOmoz Google Algorithm Change History

SEOmoz - Google Algorithm Change History

For a comprehensive perspective on all public and documented algorithm updates there is no better source I have found than the SEOmoz Algorithm Change History.

Truly a beautiful peace of link bait online. But more than just link bait, you will find here the date, name and details of each algorithm update that has occurred dating back to 2000. You will also find additional sources for each update to help with digging into the details.

Track Google Algorithms Update & History at SEOmoz here.

What Do Google Algorithm Updates Mean For Your Business?

The landscape of factors that determine your websites ability to rank organically in Google’s search results is regularly shifting. As our world continues to become more and more digital the realization that a business cannot survive without ranking for terms that define your business’ services and products is becoming prevalent. To understand what it takes to rank (and rank well) as well as what it will take 3 to 6 to 12 months from now is also just as important.

Change in the organic search industry is so inevitable that it literally happens every day. The best way to combat this change and stay on top of it is to track changes and be forward thinking about what Google and other search engines like Bing are emphasizing as most important:

  • High quality, helpful and unique content
  • High volumes of content (the more your know the more you have to offer – in theory)
  • Quality design and architecture in a website (built for the user)
  • Authoritative references or votes of confidence from other businesses or web properties (links)

Bonus: Other Notable Sources to Track Google Algorithm Updates & SEO News

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  1. Dan Richey says

    Good quick read. I like how you listed a top 4 list. It is difficult to keep up with and on top of all of the changes, so it is great to have a quick list to share and learn from.

    • Preston Van Dyke says

      Thanks Dan. You’re right, the amount of updates rolling out lately can be daunting to take on. These are the sources I’ve found most helpful for quickly digesting the changes and understanding what can be down to counter any unintended impact that may result as part of it.

      I was also just reading a great process for responding to the algorithm updates here:


      Eric does a great job of laying out a systematic way to approach an audit with any algorithm update in mind. I’d recommend checking it out.

  2. Hyder says

    Well, you forget to add Search Engine Land of Danny Sullivan & Seroundtable of Rustybrick which should be added to the above list. Normally, SEL are the first to break any google updates whatever it would be.


    • Preston Van Dyke says

      Hyder – That’s actually a really good point. If you notice at the end of the post I’ve actually included both blogs as bonus resources.

  3. DJ Perez says

    I got asked the other day “why does Google keep changing things up? It is very hard for a small business owner to run a business and to try to keep up with all of this. Is there a way to know of all of the past and future changes??”

    Well, now I know where to point them at.

    Thanks for the update and for sharing this article.

  4. Mike Jagger says

    Our site which was doing really well without any link spamming al of a sudden got disappeared to 200 plus rank can you suggest why is this big change? We never bought any links or built spammy links but still our site is been pushed to 200 plus ranks for major branding keys

  5. Ludi says

    We recently built a new “Events” tracker into our website analytics application and included the Moz Major Weather Events as a preset which can be loaded into your reports.

    With the way this is set up you can now see exactly how and when all your websites, or just individual websites, were hit by any of the Google algorithm updates. We add new events as they come out and will notify you about them on your dashboard.

    You can give it a test drive by signing up for a free account here

    OR if you prefer you can take a look at the short explanation video we released with the new Event addition – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqNkggPhMMg

    The Google Algorithm part starts at around 1:30.

    (Maybe you can include SPM in your next post?)

    If you have any questions please let me know.

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