12 SEO Benefits for Businesses in 2024

Discover the SEO benefits that can transform your business, including increased website traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, revenue, and more.
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You know search engine optimization (SEO) is important, but why is that? What do you get out of SEO when you invest?

We’ve put together a list of the top 12 SEO benefits to help you see just some of the ways SEO helps businesses. Let’s dive in!

12 key SEO benefits

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Maximize pay-per-click (PPC) effectiveness
  3. Drive long-term success
  4. Measure success with data
  5. Boost authority
  6. Generates leads and revenue
  7. Grow digital marketing return on investment (ROI)
  8. Earn more organic traffic
  9. Create an effective website
  10. Become an industry name
  11. Set your company apart from competitors
  12. Optimize your site for mobile

Now that you know the benefits of SEO we’ll be talking about, let’s dive into each one in more detail!

SEO benefit #1. Increase brand awareness

The first advantage of SEO to note is how it promotes brand awareness for your business. Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with your brand, goods, and services. Having more brand awareness means people will recognize and return to your company.

When someone finds your website on the search engine results pages (SERPs), they might not buy immediately. However, they will see you ranking in the top results as they look for related products and services. That means that they will be more aware of your brand and company, even if they don’t convert immediately.

Local search result for Italian restaurant

Brand awareness can help people form positive associations with your brand, boosting your ratings and helping you convert leads over time.

SEO benefit #2. Maximize PPC effectiveness

Working on your website for SEO means making it more effective overall. As you build out pages for SEO, you can help make your PPC ads more effective by:

PPC and SEO work well together, so if you are already using PPC services or have a PPC campaign, you should still focus on SEO to make sure you get the most out of both and reap the benefits of how SEO and PPC work together to maximize your presence in the search results. Improving your PPC with SEO helps you optimize your investment and earn more back over time to strengthen your bottom line.

SEO benefit #3. Drive long-term success

SEO is not an overnight change — it’s an ongoing process. With that comes long-lasting success and revenue for your business. You can enjoy consistent results with your SEO campaign, making your website an active hub.

With any SEO plan, you will invest more resources upfront to make changes to your website and get it up to standards. However, from there, you can earn more traffic, conversions, and revenue, which will last as you keep up with SEO.

SEO benefit #4. Measure success with data

Unlike other traditional forms of marketing, SEO doesn’t leave you guessing about what’s working and what isn’t. With SEO, you can use real data from your campaigns to evaluate them.

Let’s say you stick with traditional methods like cold calling or physical advertisements. In these cases, it’s hard to tell who sees your ad or when people stop engaging with your calls. Plus, there is no way to know how many people interact with your company.

With SEO, you can use various platforms and tools to help you measure traffic, conversions, leads, and more, like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics dashboard showing SEO metrics

This means you always have data that helps you analyze your campaign. That means you can save money and improve your ROI by only investing in strategies that bring in results.

SEO benefit #5. Boost authority

If you’re familiar with SEO, you likely know that Google uses E-E-A-T — Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness — to help raters determine the quality of online content.

That means that to help your site appear credible, you need to focus on creating content that appeals to these traits. By doing so, you give your site a better chance at ranking, but you also become an authoritative source on industry topics. For example, authoritative content on camping tips can boost authority and SEO for recreation businesses such as campgrounds.

As more people read your content, they will turn to you naturally for information and explanations. Users will build a positive image of your brand in their mind, encouraging them to convert over time.

SEO benefit #6. Generates leads and revenue

The main advantage of SEO is how it helps your business grow. With SEO, you get to reach a wider audience and earn more leads and revenue over time.

SEO is simple when it comes to generating more leads. Here’s how it usually goes:

  • Users search for the service or product they need
  • They click on the highest-ranking site (ideally, yours)
  • If they have a good experience, they will be more likely to reach out or purchase

If your site isn’t ranking or optimized, they will never get the chance to know what your business has to offer, and you will start to wonder why your website doesn’t drive leads. SEO makes it easy to find and meet people where they are so they can enjoy your products and services.

SEO benefit #7. Grow digital marketing ROI

As you invest more time and resources into SEO, you will see greater returns for your company. Since over 40% of revenue is captured by organic traffic, SEO is essential for capturing that traffic and improving your ROI.

SEO can also indirectly benefit other aspects of your digital marketing campaign. If you use email marketing, more people can sign up for your newsletter when they find your website. It can also help convert users who land on your pages from PPC ads.

Your SEO campaign can be the key to making your overall digital presence more secure and profitable.

SEO benefit #8. Earn more organic traffic

Of course, the main point of SEO is to earn more traffic for your website. It’s only logical that more organic traffic would make the list of top benefits of SEO for businesses. As you start building out your site, you will see an influx of organic traffic over time.

Organic traffic benefits your business in multiple ways. For one, you don’t have to pay for it, so you are earning more attention without spending any of your budget. Also, you can convert more users over time, so you earn more revenue without spending hardly any to begin with.

SEO benefit #9. Create an effective website

Good SEO means that you make a website that is accessible for search engines and users alike. You focus on each group’s needs to give them a website that they enjoy.

For search engines, that means:

  • Using links to connect related pages
  • Targeting relevant keywords to outline the page topic
  • Adding meta data to each page to explain its significance

For users, you will:

  • Add images and videos to break up the content
  • Using headings to make pages more readable
  • Creating a seamless navigation to encourage browsing

After all that, you get a website you can be proud of that benefits your business. If you give users a website they enjoy and can use, they will be more likely to browse and shop from you. In terms of search engines, you will earn higher rankings, leading to more traffic and revenue.

SEO benefit #10. Become an industry name

As you create content and start flying up the SERPs, people will notice — competitors and users alike. You can establish yourself as a resource for industry knowledge rather than just a product or service company.

For example, SEO for energy companies can help businesses develop and optimize content for topics like green or renewable energy.

People will find you naturally as they look for information and see your website over and over. They will form a positive association with your brand, which can encourage them to purchase from you over competitors when they need your products or services.

SEO benefit #11. Promote your company consistently

SEO and digital marketing overall help you consistently promote your company. With other advertising methods, you only get the effects for as long as the campaign lasts. However, SEO creates more permanent success that continues promoting your company.

With SEO, you will earn a steady flow of traffic, which turns into a steady flow of qualified leads. You can also save time and resources by reducing constant labor on your website. SEO works in the background while you focus more time on maintaining customers and other operations.

SEO benefit #12. Optimize your site for mobile

The final benefit of SEO for business is that it encourages you to optimize your site for mobile. Since mobile friendliness is a big ranking factor for Google, businesses need to focus on optimizing their site. You can give your users the best experience regardless of what device they’re on.

Amazon mobile menu website

Aside from being a ranking factor, helping users navigate your website from any device earns you more sales. Since many people shop from device other than computers, you can prevent lost sales and maximize your profit.

Learn more about using SEO for business!

Now that you know the key benefits of SEO, you may want to learn more about how to start a campaign for your business. The team at seo.com has several articles and resources to help you learn and plan an SEO campaign that drive results.

Learn more by reading through our other pages or contacting us online!

Headshot of a smiling woman, long reddish hair with bangs.
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