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In this week’s Online Content Collective, social networking, marketing and media take the forefront of articles as companies begin to further invest time and money into each of the platforms.

Jacob Webster Recommends:

5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week to Fix Your Marketing

If you’re going to improve your company through the areas of social networking and media, a good start is to look into your overall marketing plan. Create a call to action and focus on smaller things that may be throwing a wrench into your work. These small problems, or “low-hanging fruit,” are usually items that can be fixed easily, quickly and make you look like a marketing genius.

Make sure that your customer sees the benefit in what you have to offer and then figure out how to market that benefit. Sonia Simone’s article takes an easy marketing outline and gives it plenty of oomph that you can implement into your current plan or idea.
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Andy Eliason Recommends

The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

Now that you’ve hopefully got your marketing under control, make sure you are keeping on top of the trends that will further your ideas and business. Social networking and media is becoming a necessity in the business world if you want to survive. Take a look at some of the benefits of each of the emerging trends to see if they are worth the time to invest in and also, which trends will be of most use to your company.

While your company may have a presence on Facebook, you will need to look into other avenues of the social world, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and (gasp) MySpace.

Jayson DeMer’s article not only focuses on which trends seem to be rising, but also contains links as to which trends will work the best for your business.

Albert Mitchell Recommends

How to Do Infographic Research

With regards to your social marketing plan, one of the most successful ways of sharing any research or findings you have is through the use of an infographic.

In this article, James Agate breaks down the initial process of research for your infographic, detailing what kind of research you should use and how you should reference it in your material. He also includes information on how to give your infographic that extra push to hook the customer and better your chances of keeping them engaged.