10 Link Building Strategies For New Website Or Business Owners

Link Building

Believe it or not, all SEO’s were newbies at one time or another. Launching a website and doing SEO for a small business can be a very exciting event for an individual or new business owner. However, that excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when the site owner finds out that they are getting little or no traffic. If they are getting traffic, it is most likely coming from family members or friends who they notified through an email or Facebook.

Being involved in SEO and marketing in general, I am usually bombarded by family members and friends with questions about marketing their website or their future website on the Internet. Because of this and my willingness to help just about anyone I know, you can usually find me in a small dark corner at a family party (it has to be small and dark because my wife gets ticked when I’m not up and socializing with everyone), on the phone in the car, or answering an email, Facebook message, or Twitter message about SEO and other internet marketing tactics.

I was on a call yesterday with one of my best friends from high school. Our conversation was focused on general search engine optimization principles and link building tactics that could provide a good foundation and hopefully, if he does them right, some strong rankings in the search engines. One thing I emphasized is the fact that what ever he does, he needs to build links naturally. A natural link building campaign is crucial for success in SEO.

A natural link building campaign is one that is just that, natural! Getting 50,000 links within the first twenty days of your website’s existence is definitely not natural. Getting a slow trickle of links coming into your website and then building up looks much more natural. Also, getting 50,000 links pointing to your home page with the same anchor text is not natural. Vary your anchor text and include long tail versions of your keywords. You should also build links to other pages of your site in addition to your home page. All of these things help with building a natural link campaign.

In terms of links, there are two types of links you can get for your websites, external and internal links. Both are very important and can make a huge difference in your search engine rankings. I want to discuss in detail, ten ways to effectively jump-start your link building campaign.

Friends & Family Members

When beginning a link building campaign, one very natural way of obtaining links is from friends and family members. I just opened up our family blog and counted all of the friends and family who we have added in our blogroll. The grand total… 41. How hard is it to simply call up (recommended – it’s more personal) or email your family and friends who have blogs or other sites, and ask them for a link to your new website? Not hard at all! In fact, because they are your friends or family members, they will probably do it without hesitation. You can do the same thing with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Add A Blog To Your Domain

Google loves blogs! Google loves fresh content! Google loves internal links! Internal links from other pages of your website are a guaranteed way to help you increase your rankings in the search engines. Adding a blog to your domain is a great way for you to easily add new content to your website on a regular basis. In most cases, adding a blog to your main domain is rather simple and can be done in as little as three clicks of your mouse. Web hosting companies like myhosting.com, Hostmonster, & Bluehost offer one click installations of blog platforms like WordPress or b2evolution.

Adding a blog, posting to it at least once daily, and linking back to your home page and other important pages of your website with keyword anchor text is a great way to gain a lot of internal links. When blogging, you should also link out to other websites that interest you and websites that are in similar industries. You might also consider adding images, videos, polls, etc. Mix things up! Make it look natural! Most important, have fun!

Local Organizations

Just about every city in the country has a local chamber of commerce; mine would be the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce. Joining a chamber of commerce will not only get you a very good link back to your website, but also provides networking opportunities with other local businesses. Most times, depending on your business, you can generate new leads rather easily by getting to know other individuals and businesses in your area.

Local News

Developing relationships with local newspaper writers and always making yourself available for comments on news stories that involve your industry is a great way to build awareness about your company and get links back to your website (if the newspaper is published online).

Help A Non Profit Organization

You would be surprised how many non-profit organizations are operating in your city and your state. Every one of us has been given talents and certain things that we are good at. I guarantee that there is a non-profit organization that could use your help, whether it is with designing their website or painting the conference room of their new office building. If you offer of yourself and your services freely, you can most likely ask for, and get a link to your website from theirs.

Submit Your Site To Local & Industry Specific Online Business Directories

Anyone studying SEO can usually find a blog post about submitting your website to directories on the Internet. Yes, this is a valuable link building tactic, but before you go crazy and start submitting to thousands of directories, seek out local directories and directories that are specific to your business. Submit to these first and take your time filling out all of the information that they ask for. These will be some of your most valuable links since they are so relevant to your website and business.

Social Bookmarking

You have probably heard the term social bookmarking. You have probably heard that social bookmarking is a great way to build links. Well, it is and it isn’t… You can waste a lot of time social bookmarking if you are submitting to the wrong sites. I limit my social bookmarking to Mixx, Propeller and sometimes Kirtsy. The trick to social bookmarking is to not only bookmark your website, your blog posts, and other things related to your website, but bookmarking lots of different things that interest you. This will make your bookmarking profiles look much more natural to both viewers and the search engines.

Write An Article And Submit To Article Directories

Writing articles and submitting them to sites like Ezine Articles, Article City, and Go Articles, also known as article marketing, is a great way to get links back to your website. Take time to write a very detailed article about your industry and submit it to a few article directories like the ones I listed above. You will get links back to your website by properly using the author resource or bio box at the end of the article. You should tell a little about yourself and your company, while adding keyword rich anchor text links pointing back to your website.

Write And Submit A Press Release

Writing press releases and submitting them to places like PR Web or Web Wire is a great way to generate interest and buzz about your business and also to get links back to your website. This method of link building is a little more difficult than other links that you can get for your website. Writing a press release takes skill… a skill, which the average person, like me, does not have. Press releases have certain requirements that must be met, a certain format that must be followed, and in most cases, need to be super interesting. Not having any of these elements can almost guarantee that your press release will either be outright rejected or not distributed to other news related websites.

Build A Hub Page Or Squidoo Lens

Building a Hub Page or Squidoo Lens is a fun way to get links back to your website. To date, I have built 73 Hubs and 25 Lenses for my own personal websites and hundreds for clients that I have managed. The most effective Hub Pages and Squidoo Lenses are those that have at least 450 words of text about a certain topic or subject, videos, pictures, polls, and other gadgets that are easy to add. You want to make the page as interactive as possible so it provides value for anyone who happens to read it. You are allowed two links to other websites from your Hubs and a handful of links (be conservative, don’t spam) from your Lenses.

Building links isn’t pretty. But, in order to rank well in the search engines, it is absolutely necessary. These are ten excellent ways for new companies or new website owners to start building links to their websites. There are many others and I encourage any of our readers to add to this list by commenting on this post.

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  1. Jason says

    Very comprehensive list, nicely done. Commenting on other industry blogs can also help build links, if they allow backlinks (a Do Follow blog).

    I really think quality over quantity applies to link building. Quality links that have a purpose, like the ones you listed above, do much better than a random listing in some off-the-wall directory.


  2. Kevin says

    Are lenses really worth the bother? I would like it if you showed some of them, as I really don’t believe they can help much. Prove me wrong.

  3. Cristi says

    That’s what i call a really written article. @Jason you’re right commenting on other blogs related to your niche will help you increase your rankings.You’re wrong when you say that only DoFollow ones help,a backlink is a backlink,indeed DoFollow links gives “PR juice” but even nofollow ones help your search engine rankings.
    If i am not wrong Matt Cutts explained in a video that if the link quality is high,even is NoFollow,some credit will be given.

    Greg keep up the good work is a really great article!

  4. Aidan says

    Great article – twittered it for you too! The strategies here would be enough for most sites to start getting rankings though probably would not be so effective in more competitive fields.

    I’ve found hubpages and squidoo to be useful for links (you get follow links after you build up a few articles and history at those places).

    Agree entirely on the no follow thing – they are not useless links – Google only says they don’t pass PR or Anchor text, that diminishes their power but does not kill it!

  5. Nevin says

    It is very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
    I’m new to the blogging business and looking forwards to learning how to conduct marketing research on different social media like Twitter.
    What you’ve offered in your post is very helpful. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts.
    Keep working.

  6. Sky says

    You obviously put a lot of work into that post and its very interesting to see the thought process that you went through to come up with those conclusion. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I must admit that I think you nailed it on this one.
    I’m new to the blogging business. I’d love to learn more about this topic. I’ve bookmarked your blog. Looking forwards for your new posts.

  7. Sean M. says

    These days, increasing amount of businesses pay more and more attention to the potential of online marketing on social network as it is becoming increasingly influential.
    SEO link building is imporant work.

  8. Tom says

    I also believe that commenting is a good way of building links in a qualitative way. Most comment sections ask for your URL, like this one. But don’t just comment for comments sake, you need something you have to say. Add tips to tip-lists, add your know-how to a thread.

  9. Mike says

    Greg, this is an excellent checklist to follow for anyone wanting to start building links to their website. I have just started getting into the social bookmarking area so I appreciate the links you gave.

  10. Zach says

    These 2 tips alone were a great help! “Building a Hub Page or Squidoo Lens is a fun way to get links back to your website.” and “I limit my social bookmarking to Mixx, Propeller and sometimes Kirtsy.” Those are two things I overlooked in my own blog about photography SEO.

  11. Jose Nuevo says

    Does this means directory submission is not a good if not no value at all nowadays for a new websites or in seo in general?

  12. Raphael Coccia says

    Great info about social bookmarking. I thought you should only bookmark blogs related to your industry. Thanks

  13. Ben says

    I have got very informative and valuable information from this blog really i have impressed after reading it i woulld like to say thanks for sharing it to every one please keep it up

  14. Janeil says

    Your comment sound like a SPAM comment. A lot of other commentators are sending comments like this one without even reading the post …

  15. Brian T. says

    I have always hated link building. It just seems so counter productive that webmasters have to spend so much of their time building links instead of using their time to produce CONTENT. But I guess with the current state of the web, links are the main way search engines can tell how good a site is. One thing i have to say – when doing keyword research im no longer suprised that the top ranking sites in many niches have less than 200 links, but all are quality, where as some on page 2 of the SERPS have many thousands of links, but all of them are junk. I guess it just goes to show that quality links are far more valuable.

  16. Shan says

    Thanks Greg for this article, it is a good roadmap for people starting off. Also, I completely agree with the comments from the earlier post about quality over quantity, because at the end of the day the people that link to your site for the right reasons are the people that buy your product and/or support your brand and it is your responsibility to maintain that relationship by providing them exceptional content. (i.e: this article). Have a great one!

  17. Jack Plouse says

    Great post! One thing I always recommend is to subscribe to some local listings like Google and Yahoo’s local business centers. Getlisted.org is a great tool for checking your business in these directories. This only works if you have a physical location, but if you do it is very important.

  18. Donesh says

    Yea ypu are right, google loves blogs, fresh and unique content.A good post with latest information, still i have not tried to Squidoo Lens. Don’t know how helpful are these lens sites for link building.

  19. Kevin says

    Yes Greg the tips are mention in this post is very worthy. Nice basic link building strategies were discussed. Squidoo lens are good one but I dont know how to promote the squidoo lens what are the effective techniques to give quality traffic from lens.

  20. Zack says

    The article is very interesting…But, I’m not sure that submitting articles about yourself and your company to article directories would help you too much. The idea is good but how will people get to your article in those directories? Searching for your name? :)

    Also, not sure that those backlinks will help you either. With a couple of few visitors maybe… I think Google can tell that your link is posted there by you and not by the website owner(as a recommendation) and it will be of no value to your pagerank.

  21. Gabriel says

    One more suggestion, you should make the urls (like website from the comment field) to open in new window. If someone clicks one, he will leave your website. The idea is to get visitors to your website and keep them here to read more of your articles, not to make them leave. :) It is possible to close the new website, and they can’t return on your website, or simply just find some other interesting things there to read and they will forget about your website…

  22. Michael Fokken says

    I understand the anchor text is a vote for that site, for that keyword or keyphrase. However, most people when creating a link to another website, don’t think like that. I don’t think, “hmm, what keywords is this website trying to rank for?” People just put the company name or even just the url as the anchor text.

    Search engines also just want to know what websites people are talking about and they do that through links. So how honest is submitting to a directory and article places if that is really me talking about me?

  23. Bruce Jones says

    These are a lot of good tips on getting found online, I especially like the idea about the non profits.

  24. Bryan Agoncillo says

    The the end of my stick wondering how other can earn so much money on the web & I have been trying this for a while now and never been quite that successful… At the moment, I am willing to try anything to get on top of Google’s first page. Almost everyday now, I am having my wife & myself help me create back links to our sites by participating in other blogs getting tips about SEO so that we can grown our business as well. So far, I haven’t been so lucky..

    I appreciate the tips that you have shared on this article… I have book marked it later so that I can view it after work & implement your suggestions to our own workflow.

  25. Allen says

    Another very interesting post. I am completely fascinated by this topic. Now, my question is the link building, are there companies that anyone can suggest to help my company achieve this effectively?? Really good work,I will be back for more. Thank you!

  26. Geneva says

    Good tips! I’m one of those newbies! :) I’ve tried Squidoo, but I just don’t have the patience to spend time building lenses… I’m gonna check out hubpages now and see if I like it better. And I’m going to get a press release ready… thanks! You gave me some action items!

  27. Kamagra says

    Ah! The most crucial part of SEO is probably Link Building. It is the make or break of your sites rankings and reputation. Probably making Squidoo Lenses and HubPages was one of my personal favorites.

  28. Jason says

    Nice Article. i would like to add two more in your list

    1) forum’s
    2) blog commenting

    linking building plays vital role in website seo. as you said link should be in more like natural way try to use 3-5 links and different URL rather than just using Homapage.

  29. Wayne says

    Great article! also agree with te comment above, Forum’s and blog commenting are really important for linkbuilding.

    keep up the good work!

  30. Matt says

    Google claims to have over 200 indexing critiria it uses for indexing so I would not doubt checking the link growth is probably looked at.

  31. Joseph says

    Link building is a good quality way to establishment a physically powerful presence online. It has to work! Link building strategies are in immense demand. Some of the greatest link building strategies is forum posting, web directory submission, article writing, Squidoo lens conception, blog review, etc.

  32. Jen says

    I also think pings and trackbacks are great ways of getting traffic and links back to your site. When I write a new blog post I add links to related blogs that allow pings and have do follow comments enabled.

  33. Alexia Oliveira says

    Thanks for posting this information. I have a new blog and was trying to get some information on link building. I still doesn’t know the difference between follow and no follow links. Are just the follow links that we have to search for? thanks

  34. Sam says

    Hello, I have this following question and would like your opinion on it: Isn’t it better to build your links towards your twitter or facebook pages, and on these pages putting a link to your website? This might generate less incoming links, but people who are coming to your website are coming from respectable websites with great pageranks (twitter – facebook – youtube – …)

    • Katllyn says

      no cuz twitter, fb, etc usually nofollow the links. if you have the option, better to point to your main site, but still good to ahve some links to twitbook etc

  35. Fred says

    Thanks for another very helpful and interesting article that is relevant to real estate agents like myself as well as SEO neophytes.

  36. maggie says

    Some of the link building techniques are directory submission, social bookmarking, articles etc…but Forum’s and Blog commenting are really most important for linkbuilding.
    keep up the good work!

  37. Melissa says

    I believe in everything mentioned above but unfortunately I haven’t had time to look at how something like Squidoo or Hubpages might benefit us better. Another good point is using a site like Mixx for bookmarking rather than just StumbleUpon and Delicious. Mixx is a page rank 8 site versus Delicious that is a 7.

  38. Harleena Singh says

    Can we have a priority list of link building strategy? Is it better to have the site bookmarked, or much profitable to have a natural backlink through blog-commenting, or drive traffic from article directory links. As commented above, there are about 200 different ways of indexing, and maybe linking. So should one only go for the top priority ones, or is there a rule to go for a mix strategy. And also, getting backlinks from various sites can also differ in quality depending on that site’s PR rank. Is there a proven formula where a site owner can concentrate on just a couple of strategies and put all quality and quantity of time and efforts developing them? Thanks Greg, and I hope we’ll have many minds contributing on this question.

  39. William says

    I like the idea of using a mix of linking strategies. It is sort of like having a diversified investment portfolio. If Google decided that one particular strategy should be downplayed and another method used more, you will be better off with a mix. The article is well written and offers a lot of good ideas.

  40. Justin says

    Thanks for this article Greg. I’ve been immersed in learning SEO for about the past month. Lots of this I have heard before, but there were some new things such as associating with non profits and creating hubs and lenses.

  41. says

    Nice and useful post Greg but you have missed some things like forums postion and commenting on blog and making profile links for site .Blog commenting is even good way to get valuable links to site

  42. Riaan Aggenbag says


    How would you go about researching the News agency that’s best to and then establishing the relationship?

    Your suggestion sounds like wonderful idea and some practical tips on ‘how to’ would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  43. Adam Smith says

    It goes without saying that the back-linking strategy with social network works excellently. We can use video marketing with sites like youtube.com also to increase traffic to our website.

  44. Avenir says

    Approaching media sites press release is very much a one-to-one approach where personal contact is essential. Issuing online press releases is more of a one-to-many approach.

  45. Bryan says

    Very helpful information! I launched a website about a month ago and immediately followed these ideas and it is exciting to see the traffic growth.

    Now I am going to implement some of the strategies I have read in other comments. Thanks everyone!

  46. Busbar says

    What is your experience with doing an official press release?? If website is actually a useful one, I would imagine you could get quite a few links very quickly… maybe too quickly?

  47. Bradley says

    This is great information to me since I am updating my website. One who uses link building correctly will benefit with their organic listings. Thanks for this priceless source of information.

  48. Batman says

    I have a quick question… hopefully somebody can shed some light on it:

    Would a backlink from a PR9 site (that is not of a relevant industry) still do any good? I mean, it’s a PR9 which is massive, but it’s not relevant to my site niche.

    It’s a site that my close friend owns and operates, and we were just discussing what kind of weight his PR9 would push onto an external site of non-relevance. The page with the PR9 is his homepage, and there are less than 10 other links on the page pointing to other resources.

    This is NOT paid, or anything along those lines… just an informative request.

    – Batman

  49. Odette says

    Building links is hard work. On top of that there is always something new, and hence learning never stops.

  50. Patrick McAfee says

    Love the article. Getting started with SEO is really easier than most small business owners know, and love to see someone suggesting leveraging a pre-established network.

  51. Rammesh Perumal says

    Hi Greg!

    Very useful info for beginners on link building strategies I started with blog commenting and bookmarking it’s really produce a good result for my site.Thanks for sharing.

  52. Pro Mark Training says

    I know that this article was written a while ago, but it is still timely. I would to your list the importance of getting links from high PR sites.

  53. Brady Lewis says

    I completely agree with using Hubpages and Squidoo. This is something I’ve always done. The backlink shows up very quickly, and Hubs and Lenses are so easy to build and monetize themselves.

  54. Senadh says

    Here are some interesting information for newbies. However we would like to have more in depth information in this subject.

  55. Rich says

    i just wish i had read an article like this 3 years ago! Its taken a long time and a lot of trial and error but finally my site is on page 1. I would recommend this to any new website owner, it may look daunting but it works!

  56. says

    Agree with these methods – I've just caught onto Squidoo and am always looking for friends and family websites at the start of a project for links, I've actually found these are often the best and get indexed first.

  57. Ryan T says

    NIce post!  I've been working to implement many of the techniques listed, and will continue with my efforts.  

  58. CharlesDaniels says

    Great article!   I'm a big fan of local blogs to promote businesses. I've almost always found that they are looking for something new and interesting to write about and are open to making new connections.  Always good to get involved in the local blogging scene.  Never know what a new acquaintance can lead to.

  59. Matt says

    Great post. I think that it might also be helpful to create another blog on another hosting account and write content there, which is then linked back to your main site. This could be an additional way to generate offsite links.

  60. San says

    Thanks again for some great insights and fresh ideas..!

    Definitely got inspired and knew about linking, but some of your ideas were new to me.

    Thanks again,


  61. says

    I am loving your posts, I have learned more from reading your articles than any other source. Linking my site has been a pain but I appreciate all the ways you suggest to build natural links. Keep up the good work.

  62. Mellisa James says

    Thanks Jason for your kind words,I Do not write articles according to google keywords or adwords, thus some times these articles does not appear on the front page. I always write articles for my readers. Keep Visting.

  63. Gabriel Bowen says

    Very informative, especially for those that need to understand more in deep how build link works.

  64. binyamin says

    great post . 

    i would add to this submitting videos to video sharing sites like vimeo and dailymotion .

    Google love links from these sites  as they are authority sites . 

    cheers ! 

  65. says

    Thank you. this is very useful for people that is starting with SEO, All this is for pages in English, but my market is Spanish (Spain, Basque Country , Latin America and the Caribbean).  I think must be different,  or I must use any other pages that are for SP market.  

  66. says

    Adding a blog in a domain and updating it regularly with internal linking strategy is the best thing I love to do. I have tried it and truth is that the top level domain ranks very well.

    Next thing I will be trying is to creating lenses and hubs as you did. But writing articles or the content is the most boring part. 

  67. CreateMyTattoo says

    Thank you very much for sharing this great and valuable information about link building. I am new to SEO and your information will definitely help to SEO beginners like me.

  68. Sports Marketing Agency says

    Enjoyed reading those beautiful comments. It seems very useful and informative for us. Keep posting more wonderful thoughts.

  69. Magnus says

    Really good information – I’m still curious about this finding the right link directories. Still think it can be a bit waste of time due to many of them have so many links that the value is really small today, but I guess you’re right if you search and find the right ones is still good.

    / Magnus

  70. Martin Andersen says

    Have done SEO for 5 years now. Tried to follow your guide the last weeks and have had my new site in position 4 in a very competitive business on the keywords. I have done facebook submission, Youtube videos with links, directory submission, guest posting, and even bought an ugly Little Black hat link (now this is bad) – but its hard to get really high PR links without paying just a Little if you want a quick submission. But thanks for at great article.

  71. Music jobs says

    Hi…Thanks for sharing this information and your article is so impressive, help full to all regarding online clients.

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