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We’re all about Google+ this week with posts from Moz, Dejan SEO, and Distilled. We go from best practices to understanding the spread of a G+ post to an interview about authorship. And while authorship isn’t entirely within the realm of Social Media Marketing it does intersect, and if you’re still adhering to strict silos in your marketing efforts, you’re probably doing it wrong.

10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic

I feel like this is more of an advanced best practices list with a few bonus leveraging tips thrown in, which really makes it more of a must read for beginner to intermediate Google+ users, or those not utilizing G+ but should be. Included are explanations on how to format your posts, creating interactive posts, using Google+ for you blog commenting, and, obviously if you’re any good at math, seven additional pieces of advice.

A Comprehensive Study of Content and Brand Visibility on Google+

This post by Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, certainly lives up to its title, and even goes a little beyond. While Petrovic takes us on an exploration of the spread of a Google+ post, showing how you can gain greater insight into your own content’s spread and impact. Fortunately, this doesn’t just report relevant data, but also offers plenty of tips and insights to benefit your strategy.

iAcquire Co-CEO Talks Google Authorship

Harriet Cumming’s interview of iAcquire’s Joe Griffin goes beyond the basic Google authorship discussions of you need to use it to show better in Google’s SERPs. While we do get the usual discussions of why authorship is important, we are also provided with a look into finding expert authors in your industry to help you produce content that positions your brand in a better light.