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The content collective train keeps chugging along and this week, rather than link to outside articles, we’re taking a look at a few articles posted right here at SEO.com. The focus for these articles this week is how to utilize Pinterest and other social media sites to your advantage and drive high numbers of traffic back to your site.

How a Site Doubled Its Repins by Using the Perfect Pin Formula

In this article we discuss how there is a “perfect formula” for creating pins to your page that will be repinned and shared at a higher rate than a standard pin. The formula is simple: Visual Dominance + Purple Cow Content + Mystery = The Perfect Pin. Purple Cow Content? What does that even mean? Thankfully, this article contains a link to the original idea and explanation of how to create the perfect pin.

The second part of the article gives an example of a company wherein the theory was tested and how there became an increase in repins and shares. By looking at the testing process of which pins were found to be relevant and interesting to the public/consumer, changes were made to create the perfect pin.

Using Pinterest to Leverage Marketing Efforts

Building on the previously mentioned article, this piece delves more into why Pinterest is such a valuable commodity to use when companies are marketing to consumers. In building your marketing outreach with social media, there a few ways that you can use Pinterest to leverage your efforts. By having quality content, including taking advantage of the newly introduced article pins, you can increase your rankings and build customer interest.
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A second point would be to brand your pins and make them relevant to your company and your Pinterest page. By keeping your pins focused and maintaining an active presence in any similar communities, you can increase your repins and shares.

Is Instagram a Valid Marketing Tool?

Instagram is the new kid on the block with regards to untapped potential in building up your social media presence. You can also use the same ideas and theories that you use with your Pinterest account to further your marketing strategies.

As more consumers are signing on to Instagram, it’s best to take advantage of any major social websites or applications in pushing out your message to the public. You can promote the same link, article or idea through different avenues in a variety of ways and reach a much larger audience.