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This week’s Online Content Collective helps us take a closer look at guest blogging, effective outreach practices, and the importance of knowing your audience when creating content. Online marketing is a world that is ever changing; however the people who inhabit that world remain the same. They are seeking information, easily distracted, and just down right want to be entertained.

Matt Nickle Recommends:

The New Imperative ­– Audience-Centric Content

You can spend all day churning out article after article of mindless words, but without knowing your audience your words will fall on deaf ears, if it’s ever read at all. Take the time to know who is reading your content, where they are reading it, and why.

Colby Hooley Recommends:

The Smart SEO’s Guide to Effective Outreach

Our time and efforts are often wasted in the outreach department. We need to look more towards the quality not quantity version of this task. Take a moment and read the information on your target site. Get to know what they are looking for and make your outreach a little more personal. You’ll build relationships and not just links.

Randall Bird Recommends:

Guest Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide

Looking for the right place to have your article posted can be a challenge, but do the right research and you’ll save yourself time in the long run. When you are doing your research make sure the site is safe and relevant to your industry. Once you have contacted them the next step is the hardest– patience. Keep in mind that everyone is busy just like you, so don’t get anxious and send nagging follow ups.