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This is going to be a rather short post from me today, but wanted to take a few minutes to discuss how to get some quick links from infographic directories.

As I discussed in a post over at PRMarketing.com, the sole purpose of infographic marketing is to attract natural backlinks. Infographics, when created with a purpose and an end goal, do just that; get loads of natural backlinks that are very hard to replicate by competitors.

The trick to getting even more backlinks is by increasing the number of people seeing your graphic, liking it, and sharing/embedding it on their own website. I like to generate this additional visibility by submitting my graphics to infographic directories.


Web Directories


Many SEOs cringe when they hear the word directories. Most think that link acquisition via directories is a dead tactic. As Cyrus Shepard over at SEOmoz blogged about last month, directory link building is alive and well, but the way we should approach this link building tactic has changed considerably when compared to ten years ago.

One of the most basic rules that SEOs live by these days is to only submit to relevant web directories. This can include directories of a specific type (infographic, document sharing, etc), industry/keyword specific directories, or region specific directories. Submitting to these types of directories will ensure you get maximum value out of these types of links.


Infographic Directories


Now that we’ve established that some directories can still provide value, lets talk about infographic directories. Truth be told, there are quite a few awesome infographic directories out there that not only give you great backlinks to your website, but generate visibility, and often times drives traffic to your website. As infographics continue to grow in popularity, the number of directories will also grow, giving us additional distribution points for our graphics. For now, here is a list of the infographic directories that we use at SEO.com when promoting a graphic:











As always, submitting to each of these sites doesn’t guarantee that your graphic will get published. Keep in mind that your graphic needs to be quality. If it is, you will get a lot of links, passing a lot of link juice, and a ton of additional visibility.

Although this was a short post, I hope it was valuable and ask that if you know of other great infographic directories out there that you will share with us in the comment section below.