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This week the Content Collective is focused rather heavily on… well, content. Weird, right? The articles gathered here delve into the necessity of continually producing content, and even back up the assertion with some hard numbers. Of course, it’s not always easy to just keep pumping out publishable, engaging content on a regular basis, so we’ve also found some great productivity hacks from a lot of marketers who have learned to get the most out of their workday.


Trenton Hymas Recommends:

10 Reasons Why You Should be Continually Adding Content to Your Website

Content is king. Yup. Heard that a few times in my life. Most of us know and accept it. For that matter, if it was an elected position, I would have been right there on the front lines campaigning for it to serve another term. Unfortunately, in the competitive, fast-paced, internet market, it really has become something of a figure head king. We pay lip service but don’t really understanding what it could accomplish if it just had the constant support of the people.

The king requires a lot of attention, and this article provides five reasons why constant content is good for SEO and five reasons why it’s great for your audience.

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Albert Mitchell Recommends:

20 Influential Marketers Share their Best Productivity Hack

True productivity is hard to define because different strategies work for different people. Some people force themselves to avoid certain activities, others have to be secluded from the world in order to concentrate on the task at hand. As marketers we can spend a lot of time chasing down linking opportunities, writing another blog, posting one more item on Google+, and it can quickly turn to a chaotic mess that forces us to work harder instead of smarter.

In this article, 20 marketers share their best productivity hacks to help you get the most out of your day so your work can stay at the office. (Note: I’m using the Pomodoro Technique mentioned in the article right now. I can report some success already.)


Holly Cordner Recommends:

Website Reading: It (Sometimes) Does Happen

Writers are told over and over again that no one really reads anything online. They scan. They look over the page and try to pull out important words that might have some meaning. We’ve all accepted this as the norm, but as online marketers we really do need people to read the things we’re writing.

Our writing has to be readable, but the entire page should entice the visitor to do some reading. This will happen with good information architecture and page layout. Want more details? Check out the cool stats and studies done to support the premise and understand a little more about average internet behavior.


Blast from the Past

I got curious what kinds of things we were talking about in the SEO industry just a year ago, and then I realized I should have known. Last year we sent a few representatives to MozCon and they provided a lot of great wrap-ups throughout the week. It was a bit of a blogging blitz, really, so instead of trying to pick any one particular post, here’s a list of some of the major seminars that happened last year. You be the judge – were they right on? Is the information still relevant just a year later?

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

This year’s MozCon is taking place in just a week. From July 8 – 10 there will be another round of amazing presentations and insightful instruction. It’s going to be a great way to see how the online marketing landscape has changed in a single year.