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The first SEO.com Online Content Collective of August includes a variety of great subjects. First we look into where the best customers come from (i.e. how the consumers with the best lifetime value find your website). Next is a detailed infographic highlighting the importance of a content marketing channel that you may have been neglecting up until now. And to round it all out, we have a post from one of our own directors that was featured on a blog maintained by the editors at Dell.

Albert Mitchell Recommends:

Surprising Data on Where to Find Your Most Valuable Customers

As a business, you’ve likely been surrounded by all the talk about social media and how it is changing the face of online marketing campaigns. This is very true, but it may not be the tool you think it is when it comes to finding and keeping new customers.

As businesses, we need to know that our endeavors are producing a return – which means looking at both the immediate sales and the lifetime value of the customer. In this article, we get to see the results from a study that gathered data from 72 million customers from 86 U.S Retailers across 14 industries. You might be surprised by the results.


Colby Hooley Recommends:

SlideShare The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

Content marketing drives traffic, engages users and increases exposure within an industry. We’re pushing to develop new outlets for our content and using different channels to reach our prospective audiences. We all take advantage of different platforms because many of them offer a number of different benefits. However, one that has gone relatively under-appreciated in all of this is SlideShare.

According to this infographic, SlideShare is the world’s largest professional content sharing community. In other words, if you’re targeting an audience that’s interested in more than cat videos and Boromir/”One does not simply…” memes, this could be an extremely effective way to get the job done. The information presented in this graphic is actually around a year old, but that probably only means the traffic has grown even more since it was originally published.

Not sure how to make your own SlideShare Decks that look professional and attract attention? Then be sure to check out one of our own decks: http://www.slideshare.net/seocom/how-to-create-an-epic-slideshare-deck
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Andy Eliason Recommends:

Keyword Research Strategy Guide

With the push toward higher quality content and the general fear that surrounds exact-match anchor text, one might be motivated to reconsider the validity and value of keywords in modern marketing campaigns. The simple fact, though, is that they are still just as important as they ever were because they provide context and relevance – they’re still an integral part of online marketing campaigns.

Today, our Director of Traffic Acquisition, Brian Jensen, was featured on Dell’s Tech Page One, a resource for news and analysis on technology, business, and the related lifestyle. In his post, Brian provides a detailed strategy for beginning, continuing, and streamlining your keyword research. Take a look at the post to discover tools, resources, and step-by-step guides to find and target the right words and phrases for your campaign.