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Have you ever asked someone for a bit of information, which they happily provide, but then remember something else that you probably ought to know? Of course, that will then lead them to think of something else that’s just as important, and then to something else after that.

This week, I didn’t even have to ask one of our directors, TJ Welsh, to provide a good article. He just started sending me some great links partway through the week. And then he sent some more. Normally I try to mix things up a bit and get the view from a number of different people in the company, but this week it’s all TJ all the time.

TJ Welsh Recommends:

Tradebit – A Penguin Recovery Case Study

The Penguin updates have hit a lot of companies really hard, leaving them to wallow in the penalty box and struggle to continue driving traffic. This article tells the story of one particular company, Tradebit, that was hit particularly hard by the updates and what it did to recovery. It wasn’t a fast or easy recovery – in fact, it took over a year – but they did make it.

This is a story of a company who’d been doing SEO since the early 2000s, and with so many of those old methods directly targeted by algorithm updates it was time to start fresh and rethink their entire approach. Take a look at the article to find out what they did and how it might apply to any Penguin problems you might be having.

TJ Also Recommends:

Google Analytics Segmentation: Updated for Better Analysis

Those of us who obsessively check Analytics should be well aware that the new segments allow us to really dig into the data like never before. There were three major changes with the new Google Analytics Segmentation, and this article takes a closer look at what they are how you can create simple or advanced segments to get the most out of your data. There is some great step-by-step information here that will help you take advantage of all the new features.
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TJ Goes for the Triple With:

Getting Your Site Ready for The Knowledge Graph

What is the Google Knowledge Graph and how could it possibly affect you? The idea behind the Graph is to make it easier for searchers to discover the answers they need without having to pour through various websites on their own. The semantic connections between the search and the elements in the Knowledge Graph are where things start to get interesting.

There has been a long and exhaustive discussion on how the true semantic web will impact SEO and online marketing, and this article suggests that this new feature could actually make your efforts a little bit easier, and that there are some things you can do to implement this new feature in your marketing. As Google continues to develop this aspect of search further, it’s best to familiarize yourself with it now.