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SEO – The Evolving Acronym

A topic that has been getting a lot of traction lately is “What do we call SEO anymore?” While I believe that is a valid question, I’m not sure it needs to take up so much energy. The search engines have changed, therefore we develop new strategies that help make sure a site is optimized in the best way possible, right? That really is all there is to it. Bottom line is that SEO is an evolving acronym and what we call it shouldn’t be making such a fuss.

Instead, I’ve decided to bring to the table a few gems that present new ways of thinking with respect to SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Marketing, and even a bit of Web presentation…all of which could fall easily under the name of Digital Marketing. Some might even argue that this is where SEO has been going for a while now, but I digress.

The first article is actually one that came to me from an unexpected source but kept the fire alive with regards to the positive changes being made in the SEO industry now. Neil Patel presented this idea back in 2012, in his article – Why Content Marketing is the New SEO – and it’s almost humorous to see it actually taking traction now. What I enjoyed about this article was that first he explains his experience with SEO in conjunction with content marketing, and then he literally lays out the numbers as to why and how good content will bring in more links (and therefore more traffic and dollars). Then he implies that it isn’t good content that gets affected by algorithms, but that it’s paid SEO that feels the heat.

If that doesn’t slap some of those ‘old school SEOs’ who are complaining about Google’s changes are completely silly, then I don’t know what would. Facts are facts – strategy always has to change with the industry and no one ever got something for nothing. Quit your sniveling.

The next few additions to my collective are coming from several of our industry leaders and found at Search Engine Watch. Good stuff.

Get Your Mind Right

First I want to share a great article based on positive thinking and how to adjust your strategy now for the industry. Purna Virji presents 5 New SEO Mantras to Replace Old, Inefficient Thinking, and she does just that.

It’s interesting to me that her first mantra falls beautifully in line with Google’s entire focus of reasoning. Her question of: “How Can I Be of Most Help to My Customers?” will always keep us on the right track. She follows this with reminders of how to keep our focus on long term vs. short term, quality vs. quantity and nothing comes for free. Her visual examples really help with understanding why and how these mantras actually ARE effective. She gives us all a kick in the butt in the end by reminding us that if we are gonna play with the big dogs, we have to learn how to play hard.

Small Businesses Need to Follow the Trends, Too

My second choice from Search Engine Watch is by Adam Setzer, in his piece giving 7 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. This article really is outstanding. Reason being we are all trying to stay afloat. Keeping our strategies in place while making and marketing great content for our clients can seem crazy disheartening sometimes. I think the reason we are all scrambling so hard is that we forget to build a new strategy with focus on what is going to work now rather than what was working then.

Granted, this is just one strategy, and there are always several different ways of getting the results we need, but for those of us who are floundering, take a look at what he presents and ask yourself if you can implement pieces into your current strategy, and what questions will be answered if you do.

Get Your (Social Media) Motor Runnin’

The third gem from Search Engine Watch is entitled 4 Ways to Rev Up your Facebook Reach like Harley-Davidson. Aside from the awesome title here, the piece really does nail you with several methods to conquering the madness that is Social Media.

The reason I like this article so much is that the author, Ashley Zeckman, doesn’t hold back at all. She says it how it is and isn’t afraid to present ideas that a lot of us might be afraid to present to our clients. Honestly, how do you tell your clients that they need to give some free stuff away if they really want to make it in the social world? My favorite tip, though, is her number one – sell the lifestyle, not the product. Bam! (My head was spinning.)

Don’t Forget Design

My last little reading suggestion for the week comes from Search Engine Journal and author, Shane Jones. He gives us a rundown of how we can better present our clients information about using their site more effectively. Though I know it’s not feasible for everyone to offer web design tips, we can really build our value with knowledge of how to guide our client’s content placement and even the layout or design. This article offers excellent study results and suggestions on how to guide your users to exactly where you want them to go.

So, until next time, keep the strategy continuously evolving and remember to ask the right questions.