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There’s been a lot going on in the search marketing world, lately, with a couple large conferences happening this month and Google still rolling out more changes (in-depth articles, how backlinks are presented in Webmaster Tools, etc.). In the middle of it all, though, we’ve pulled out some more great articles that cover a range of topics.

We start with some great tips for small businesses looking to get involved with content marketing, even on a smaller budget, then revisit an experiment with one of the advanced features of Google, and round it all off with a big (and I mean huge) summary of the SearchLove Conference in San Diego.

Colby Hooley Recommends:

Why Local Businesses Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

SEO is all about content marketing, now. We need to create, publish, and promote amazing content that will then go on to naturally attract new links all by itself. The theory is sound, but most small companies simply don’t have the kind of budget it takes to produce content at that level and push it out into the community. However, according to Matthew Barby over on the Moz Blog, you don’t need to have a budget of a multinational corporation to implement a workable content strategy.

The simple fact is that almost everything around you can either be turned into usable content or become the source for someone else to write something about you. Take a look at some of his ideas, and be sure to study some of the actionable ideas he lists at the end of the post.

Albert Mitchell Recommends:

The Sad State of My Search Traffic After Disavowing 35,000 Links

A couple months ago we included an article by Cyrus Shepard about an experiment in which he disavowed 35,000 links to see what would happen. The Disavow Tool is an advanced feature within Google and it’s not something to be taken lightly, which is why an experiment like this is so important and interesting.

In the original post, it seemed like nothing big was going to happen, and then after Google released Penguin 2.0 in late May, his rankings finally started to drop. This led to some interesting finding, such as when you can expect to see the effects of the disavowed links. But now we’re on to the next part. What happens when you remove the disavow file from Google Webmaster Tools?

While he was able to stop his ranks from continuing on their downward spiral, they very clearly never picked back up to their old levels either. Take a look at the post to get the complete details.

Andy Eliason Recommends:

Take Me Down To Paradise City, SearchLove San Diego 2013 Day One

The SearchLove conference in San Diego took place at the beginning of the month, but Distilled just put up the recap of Day One just last Friday. Why would they wait a week to put up a recap of just the first day? Well, because this isn’t just a brief outline of the speakers and their topics. This is an in-depth look with key takeaways for each speaker.

I’m not going to try to list all the speakers and subjects here, either. Go and take a look. You’ve been warned, though. It’s a big one. But that’s just because there’s a digital ton of insights, hints, tips, and strategies that came out of the first day. Set some time aside and really delve into this one.