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I found six websites that allow you to enter business information or claim your listing, along with a link to your website. One thing to be very careful about, don’t rate yourself. Get one of your customers (or worst case your mom or friends) to give you a star, or write a review. These reviews are sometimes pulled in as reviews in your Google Local listings. I won’t say for sure whether more ratings gives you better visibility in Google Local, but it won’t hurt. Plus, the links are dofollow, so it’s a win-win.

1. Getfave.com: This site is good, although the anchor text of your URL can only be ‘website’. But still a dofollow link! One cool thing about this site is that it gets most of its new listings indexed right away because all new listings are posted on the home page of the site—which is a PageRank 6 at the moment.

2. Spoke.com You can put html (including links) into the text descriptions under your profile. This site is much like Linkedin, in that you can have links on your public profile, and also for the networking aspect of the site. In my opinion it’s not designed very well, but search engines don’t care about design unless it drastically increases load time and bounce rate.

3. YellowBook.com It is a little tricky to sign up for this one, but it’s worth it. As with most review/rating sites, you have to be logged in first to leave a review. Although again, when you can get people to actually review your service, most of the review/rating sites have something built into their site architecture to rank your listing higher based on the amount and quality of your reviews. So solicit those reviews, people!

4. Superpages.com Easy to update, and well worth the 2 minutes it takes to fill in your info. The reason I included this site is because it is very well indexed, very user friendly, and well designed. Although any links pointing to your site are redirected, and any reviews that your friends leave about your site have to be reviewed by staff and don’t go live right away.

5. Cityvoter.com Just like the name implies. It’s hard to try and scam this one, since they send you to a city specific page as soon as you type in the main URL. But you weren’t planning on abusing this site any way, were you? Anyway, don’t try and post links in your reviews, the site gives you a pretty forceful error message, and kicks you back to the home page. Ouch!

6. Rateitall.com Again, just like the name implies, get yourself some votes from family and local customers. This one has the tendency to be a bit spammy, since you can get links in just about anywhere, apparently without much editorial approval. But you can rate everything under the sun, so you aren’t limited to just business listings.

Bonus: Incbiznet

Incbiznet is great because it incorporates one of my favorite things: blogs! You can submit blog posts through the site, with dofollow links right in the body of the article! One blog post I saw had 7 different links in it, which might be a bit spammy for my taste, but if you write well, you should be able to get some great value from this one!