Using Articles for Link Building

LinksThere are several ways to obtain links on the Internet, through numerous different types of web pages. Some techniques to increase page ranking are difficult, while others are very simple. I would like to review a method for obtaining links that I would say is somewhere in the middle on the toughness scale, but if done right, can be very effective in increasing your search engine results page (SERPS) results.

Articles and blog posts make up much of the content on the Internet. However, the crazy thing about online articles is that you hardly ever know the source. Some articles are from every day bloggers, some from various types of researchers and some are from paid writing sources and other freelancing services. Nevertheless, whatever the source, it is still content. As long as it is not duplicate content, chances are Google will index it. Along with the content, if you can include some good anchor-text links that tell what the article is focusing on, it often helps Google in the indexing process.

Once you have your article, now it is a question of where to post it. There are several different ways for submitting articles on the Internet. There are blogs, directories, free website services (,,,, and even some services that specifically take article submissions ( and, just to name a couple). Each has their different pros and cons.

A major factor to consider when choosing where to post your article is whether you want to go for quality or quantity. I have had an article get a PR2 rank after getting just a few outside links to it; which led me to believe that Google looks at these articles on as higher quality.

Whether you decide to go for quality, quantity, paid or free services, articles can be a great source for obtaining links all over the web. Give them a shot! It could be a nice break from the tedious task of requesting links for link building.

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  1. Joan says

    Article writing is where it’s at. I post my best articles with EzineArticles which is quality then I drive myself bonkers spinning articles which is quantity.

    SEO is my biggest pain in the butt. The bigger the site, the bigger the pain.

    As for unique content. I don’t believe it for a minute. With so much competition out there, nothing is unique particularly if it’s a popular category like internet marketing. I mean how many different ways can you say the same thing?

    I’m thinking about putting up a wordpress blog linking back to my site. Wish I could think of a unique category in my niche.
    If it exists, I’m not aware of it.



  2. says

    What would be some other heavily weighted article submission sites?
    I think that is very valuable to get a PR for a published article as you can leverage that in an SEO sense in many ways.

    Thanks for the linkbuilding info.

  3. Ed Lichtig says

    I believe that article submission is one of the best link building strategy out there. The only hard thing to do is the article itself. However, links should be much more valuable with articles and they weight more with search engines. Just my two cents…

  4. Andre says

    I’m also hearing google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms has removed any link juice you was getting from articles posted on directories like and

    Seems guess blogging, taking an article that you wrote and giving it to another website owner to place on their blog, is the way to go. Any thoughts on this?

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