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Since my last post was about using the best keyword research tools, I thought I would go into more detail about one of my favorite keyword research tools, Market Samurai, and how you can bury your competition by using it. Market Samurai uses Google’s API as its main source of keyword data, but it also does some pretty unique things while also adding some incredibly useful features.

Like most keyword tools you start with your seed keyword and it will pull up similar keywords along with their data. As the snapshot below illustrates, I’ve done a search for “snowboards.” In Utah, we’re gearing up for snowboard season. And as you can see there is a whole host of custom filters that make finding the right keyword super easy.

keyword research filters

As you can see, the first section of filters is specifically for organic search. There are a number of ways we can refine our search. (For the sake of this post I will highlight a few key functions.)

You can uncheck Organic to not filter by any organic search parameters.

keyword filters

Total search is precisely what you might think it is, but Market Samurai displays daily search volume, not monthly search volume. You can select the minimum or maximum search volume as a filter.

SEO Traffic filter is extremely useful for gauging the SEO value of a keyword. Market Samurai displays the potential daily clicks you would obtain for showing up first in Google. This is calculated by assuming that around 40% of users click on the #1 ranking in Google and so 40% of the total click volume is calculated accordingly.

The next section is dedicated to Adwords. This makes finding potential profitable keywords really simple. Market Samurai projects Adwords Traffic (AWT), Adwords CTR (AWCTR), and Adwords CPC (AWCPC). AWT estimates the total daily clicks the advertiser might receive from being in the top spot. AWCTR is the projected click-through rate for a decent ad. AWCPC shows you what the top advertiser pays for being there.

keyword research tool using adwords

So, not only can you perform your keyword research, but you are able to find potential PPC keywords as well. After looking at trends and finding some possible PPC campaigns you can also see the commerciality or seasonality of keywords easily.

keyword tool for commercial use

Adwords Value (AWV) is an arbitrary number that projects potential income a site could bring in per day with that keyword.

With the filters selected and one click, your data is updated and can preview the information displayed in a nicely organized table. For example:

additional keyword features

SEO Competition

Once the keyword research is done and you’ve selected your bread and butter keyword, it’s time to figure out if that keyword is viable for SEO. That means you legally spy on your competition.

Just click on the SEO COMPETITION feature and within seconds you can see the top 10 competitors for the keyword you selected.

SEO competition screen shot


This is a HUGE time saver. You can quickly check back-links in Yahoo Site Explorer, see if they are indexed in major directories, the domain age, page rank, keywords in title, keywords in URL, keywords in description, keywords in h1 tag and cache date.

This is an easy way to find the lowest hanging fruit in your marketplace. Finding keywords with less competition is quick and painless.

With keyword research done and a quick look at the competition, why not check your website rankings for some or all of your keywords? From the keyword research conducted, you can now go down the list and check the boxes of some or all of the keywords you want to check rankings for. When you are finished checking your keywords, select the drop down box at the bottom. From there you can select “Add to Rank Tracker” and Market Samurai will transfer your keywords to the rank tracker.

Rank Checker

Rank checker keyword research tool

After transferring your keywords into the rank tracker, you can add the URL you are working with and run a quick report. Preview an example of the report below.

rank checker report

I could keep going on with all of the features, but I think you get the point. Market Samurai is a great tool to find targeted keywords and hidden niches. You’ll spend less time doing research and more time making money. Isn’t that what we all want? You can see below, there are a lot more options I could have discussed such as monetization, finding content, publishing content and even promotion.

Market Samurai is one of my favorite tools that I use every day. Start using it and you’ll instantly save time and you might even make a little extra cash this year.