Small Business and Marketing [Infographic]

What’s your small business SEO strategy? If you’re like the many small business owners, you may be wondering how you can leverage the power of social media and online marketing to get ahead. In fact, only about 27 percent of small businesses have a current SEO plan, and when you combine that surprisingly low figure with fact that only about 40 percent of marketers are using mobile marketing tactics, it’s easy to see how sound search engine optimization practices could help you get a leg up on the competition.

Small business owners are an incredibly diverse group of people who know a lot about their chosen fields. Slightly less than half of all small businesses have more than one owner, and sixty percent of small business owners have worked in their industry for more than 20 years. That’s a lot of total combined experience. These owners are always looking for new ways to connect to their customers and clients and grow their businesses.

Small Business and Marketing - infographic

About 63 percent of small businesses find that social media is a good way to increase customer loyalty, and 27 percent plan to increase their investment in social media. When it comes to the impact of social media, 40 percent of small businesses find it helpful for customer reviews, 30 percent find useful for correcting problems brought up by customers, 18 percent find that it gives them a chance to defend against negative publicity, and only 5 percent feel that social media has hurt their image more than helped. If used correctly, it’s clear that social media generally has an overall positive effect on small businesses.

If your small business is one of the 52 percent that plan to increase their SEO budget, it’s important to make the most of your investment by implementing a sound small business SEO plan. You can do that with the assistance of an SEO company with lots of experience in managing successful small business SEO campaigns.

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  1. Amanda Houghton says


    Thanks for this useful infographic. It will help small business owners see how they rate for were they are placing their marketing dollar along side other owners of businesses.

    The sources come from ‘marketers’. Can you confirm that the statics taken from surveys are from a varity of small businesses eg retail, service, wholesaling etc and not ‘internet marketers.

  2. Zain Munawari says

    Great information. Nice to see that the number of females in small busineeses are a good 28% but I think that needs to improve further. And yes, with the way Google is using social features in its search results, no wonder companies are using social media in their SEO. I expect this number to grow in the coming years.

    Overall, good informative article! (Y)

  3. John Lucifer says

    I think small business is very much important to run a business for any company, that’s my opinion for sure. To be honest that’s extremely a hardcore work because start a business is not easy as anyone think, you have to put up a serious effort to do this. Thanks for this.

  4. Ryan Bradley says

    Great infographic. I think reminding the 63% of small business owners that people don’t look at the phone book anymore, people ‘Google’ everything now will help win some of them over.

  5. Nancy with Life...Dzined says

    Agree, great infographic but it begets a lot of questions for which it seems that everyone has an answer…whether a true answer or a spin/pitch. If you are a small biz, how do you swim with sharks and get ahead in the larger, more competitive categories? Thx.

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